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photoblog image Quality Fashion - UNITED in STYLE - 01

Model Credit: Michelle and Sharifa from www.bodynsoulmodels.com
Model Representation: Dore Models @ www.dore-models.com
Photographic Assistance: Fausto Fraser @ www.bodynsoulphotography.com
Make-up: Samadhi Uiterloo
Hair: Manny
Styling: Jurgen Joval
Logistics: Marina Sew Atjon
Location: Leguana Park, Para, Suriname
Client: Quality Fashion
Production: bodyNsoul Photography (www.bodyNsoulphotography.com)
Published: UNITED Magazine Jan-Jun 2009

In September 2008, I produced my first advertorial. A bodyNsoul Photography production, my largest project  until now shooting with a crew of 20 people on location. We produced a 5 page fashion advertorial, featuring full page images.

A stroll by the beach in the colling afternoon. Michelle and Sharifa enjoy the cool sand with their bare feet, chatting happily about the latest news of the day. It's nice to have a relaxing day with friends by the river.   The Clothing, shoes and accesories are provided by Quality Fashion.

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 23 Feb 2009, 13:25
Lovely capture and shoddy image. Lovely editing and shordy editing.

Okay will explain:

Capture: for a shot like this, the background can either add to the image or take away something from the image, I think a little bit more thought should have gone into the background especially the girl on the left (our left) and the rubber black thing just in the middle of the 2 models where the hands holding the shoes are, way too many things going on there. The kids on the right of the picture are perfectly placed and add to the picture, but what do the other "distractions do?"

Editing: Lovely colours & editing you have used on the models and the clothes, but then our eyes wonder to the background again and we can see very clear evidence of residual retouching going on there, the halos around the kids on the right are very clearly evident giving it the unnatural feel to it, also there is a line running between the see and the trees, thats from the retouching.

Well hope this helps, for us we believe there must have been better images from this particular set that you could have used that have all the elements in the right place. Choice of images is very important.
Patrick Krolis: looking at it I can only agree with you in hindsight. Shooting live on the beach you cannot always or for too long a moment keep the people out of the background. So, me the photographer/retoucher, could have waited for a better moment, looked for a different angle, or just simply altered reality by editing those people behind the girl on our left out. At the time of shooting and editing the main thought was to add to the liveliness of the action on the beach in the picture. So I guess the best option was to alter the reality slightly.

And I now see the colorfringe at the trees/water border too, last moemnt touching up on a laptop should be forbidden for photographers trying to impress. My bad. Maybe something to look for a beautiful MAC with a trusty screen, .......Oooh well I guess as soon as we have that Vogue job in our pocket LOL

Thank you so much for the valuable input S&S.

Dr A. W! from United States 24 Feb 2009, 13:21
it's funny cos i'd've only complained that their skin was oversmoothened (though i imagine that's because we're looking at this at a waaay smaller resolution)

but now, with the subster's input in consideration:

i'd have no probelem with the background composition wise if this was a candid shot of friends on a beach. but as an ad shot...i guess we could be more nitpicky. for instance if this were for a billboard, the composition should be as clear as possible cos people are going to be seeing it from far away. i remember a billboard in nigeria in which a model looked like she had a beard when viewed from afar! i think it was just some of her (head) hair flowing below her chin.

as much as the color fringing gives away your post-production, the fringing by itself does not bother me because it's still part of a blurred background. what looks more unnatural in my opinion is the relative lack of feathering in the outlines of the models

overall this is still a good concept smile

Rob Martin from Thailand 1 Mar 2009, 03:01
It's a ncie image for sure. Yes, there's some unatural look about the right models face. But we're looking at a small rendering and jpg issues.
Nice one

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Chichi from United States 23 Mar 2009, 14:26
i like this shot.

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera NIKON D200
exposure mode aperture priority
shutterspeed 1/640s
aperture f/4.5
sensitivity ISO100
focal length 135.0mm
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