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photoblog image Masked
Model Credit: anonymous from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

I haven't done Fine Art in a while, unitl a week or two ago, a model walked into my studio. I had almost already givin up on ever shooting her again, since we had an appointment that was booked and cancelled more times than I can recount.

So there were we on a hectic Saturday afernoon, we had one hour to shoot since she had a next appointment, immeadiately thereafter. When the shoot was done I downloaded the images and within 5 minutes I had choosen my favorite shot and pp-ed it to my liking,

Today I share her with the world.
Consuela from Paramaribo, Suriname 29 Apr 2008, 00:22
Your good eye never fails you Partick.
Patrick Krolis: Such sweet words, you are too kind Consuela, thank you very much

Martin from United States 29 Apr 2008, 00:54
I like how she fills the frame and the mysteriously large hand that seems to be more of a focal point that the mask. Unusual in a good way!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Martin, indeed the hand and the mask, gives the eye a reason for traveling

Tracy from Staffordshire 29 Apr 2008, 07:48
Love the mystery in this shot Patrick. I am pleased she kept this appointment and you shared it with ussmile
Patrick Krolis: thanks Tracy, I would love to use real venetian masks in one shoot one day, but will have to wait to get those first smile

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 29 Apr 2008, 09:46
Love the shot, love the PP, love the lighting, a little disturbed about the hand, but not sure, maybe it will grow on us, but still love the shot grin
Patrick Krolis: yeah the hand, could have burned it a bit, but then in the end I liked the movement it provides, let it grow, let it grow, let it glow...

Richard Standley from France 29 Apr 2008, 10:49
Beautiful shot Patrick. I like the mysterious atmosphere!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Richard!!

Samantha 29 Apr 2008, 16:00
I absolutely enjoyed this experience with you babe. It was like a drug, and now i'm addicted to your work more than ever. Thank you and bless you for wanting to shoot me in this way (even after the countless cancled appointment). I adore you and till next time.
Patrick Krolis: thank you for being there my dear, and addicted we are, looking forward to next time sooooooon

tim from leeds uk 29 Apr 2008, 17:27
well she seems pleased to say the least Patrick and so should you, wonderful image for suresmile
Patrick Krolis: Oh yes I am smile OE didn't like it, but hey, that doesn't mean that one can not truly enjoy his own work smile

VZ from United States 29 Apr 2008, 22:51
That's the kind of stuff I'd like to see more from you, my friend.
Patrick Krolis: thanks VZ, I will do my best smile, need to find time and inspiration for the Fine Art Nudes

Fausto from Mi Casa 30 Apr 2008, 06:27
Strange...seeing it on shutterchance even makes this shot better n better.. You know I like this one! Good Ol' Body n Soul style!!!!
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Bro!! She is bodyNsoul talent all the way, a pity she has s little time for the bodyNsoul camera

DrAW! from nigeria 30 Apr 2008, 20:37
powerful lighting
dramatic pose
the hand's cool by me
Patrick Krolis: thaks Doc!!! also thanks about the hand smile

Sarina Gitoroemakso from Amsterdam/London/Sint. Maarten 1 May 2008, 10:05
hun..i love this...how toevallig...i am busy with carnival photos at the moment.....
i love some of the shots i got...the colours are fantastic....curious what u think..now on the your photo...i love the pose...the props...the expression....great shot ....me likes smile cheers
Patrick Krolis: thank you sunshine!!! your comment means a lot to me, from someone who always has those powerful images from herself, I can expect only the very best from you

deji77 from Europe 2 May 2008, 00:41
very nice Patrick.
How do you think a tighter crop excluding the white bottom would look?
Patrick Krolis: been thinking about the white part yes, actually I think she should have done the picture without it, maybe a crop should work...

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 5 May 2008, 03:10
One word, Patrick: STUNNING!
Patrick Krolis: thnak you so much Ginnie

Dan 9 May 2008, 14:05
Amazing lighting, and processing is cool. Very cool.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Dan!!!

rags 13 May 2008, 05:37
sensual and mysterious.
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Rags

Josť-Angel 20 May 2008, 01:13
Strange image! Me gusta!
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jose Angel!!!!!

latest comment
pao 21 May 2008, 16:29
This certainly has a WOW- factor to it smile

You told me about the hand but in my opinion the hand out of proportion doesn't disturb the image but contributes to it because it makes me think of a claw and with feathers it all adds up.... About the white cloth, simply try changing the color and post it If it makes the image even stronger, go for it!

Very well done Patrick!
And of course my compliments to the model wink
Patrick Krolis: Thanks pow, you should certainly work with her too, she has that model magic!! you can find her on www.bodynsoulmodels.com

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