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photoblog image Big Cats
Model Credit: Gloria Dubois from www.bodynsoulmodels.com
Model Representation: Doré Models
Make-up: Gillian Calor
Assistance Fausto Fraser

This is the last in the Big Cat Series I'll be posting. You know when you enter the CAGE of a Big Cat it can be a gruesome end of your wanderings. Yet for some it is the ultimate challenge, Next time, I'll play it safe and photograph my Big Cats on the catwalk. Watch this blog in May!!

DrAW! from nigeria 24 Apr 2008, 03:44
lovely lighting
beautiful model and expression

if i didn't know better, i'd've said the background was 'distracting'
Patrick Krolis: yeah you are right, LOL but then again we agree it is information Doc!! :d Thank you so much!!

Jewlya from United States 24 Apr 2008, 04:21
Usually I agree with DrAW's comments, but in this case, I rather like the background. It gives her context and suggests a bit about who she is.
Patrick Krolis: I think the Doc liked it too, guess it was more of an inside joke about a photo he posted earlier wink and of course I do agree with you, the background gives context here, thank you so much!!

E Etomi from Romania 24 Apr 2008, 05:40
I agree with Jewlya, it makes the shot a little more interesting.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks you so much, I love the background myself too smile

Stan 24 Apr 2008, 06:49
Lighting on the face is a bit dark but she's got attitude
Patrick Krolis: Yip the face is a bit dark, but it adds to the attitude don't you agree? it's about the whole package, and if attitude is what you see, then i got it right wink, thank you so much!!

Tracy from Raining in Stoke 24 Apr 2008, 07:43
I think she has got STYLEsmile
Patrick Krolis: oh yes you KNOW she has :d you have visited my website!!!

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 24 Apr 2008, 09:30
Really like the picture, should it be part of the big cat series? NO grin

Make an even stronger B&W image :p
Patrick Krolis: As always you got some valuable pointers here!!! :d I'll try the b/w conversion.

mal 24 Apr 2008, 13:48
girl with attitude, i like it. mal
Patrick Krolis: Hey Mal!!!, Thank you very much, We haven't "seen" each other in a while smile

Gloria Dubois 24 Apr 2008, 18:05
Thanks for my owru jari present on shutterchance smile And again... nice work Patrick..!! I like the comments from the people how they reacted to this picture. I had fun working with you that day. More to come after this...
Patrick Krolis: oh yes lot's more to come dear, and happy birthday to you!!!

Martin from United States 24 Apr 2008, 18:40
Great venue, a pose that fits it perfectly, some color to sort it all out, definitely a very appealing shot. It may be worth experimenting with more even lighting on the model. Especially her face could probably use a small luminance boost. Nevertheless, this is excellent work, Patrick!
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Martin!!

tim from united kindom 24 Apr 2008, 19:03
i will pass on the technical Patrick and just say i am purring like a contented Cheshire cat looking at thatsmilesmile
Patrick Krolis: gringrin keep on purring :d

Blackdog from Home Sweet Home 24 Apr 2008, 19:03
Like your style too ;o) Excellent shot Patrick!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Blackdog, you have studied the photograph in very much detail wink

Nig from Gym 25 Apr 2008, 08:08
I like this, you have lots of alternatives to try out going on the comments, so i expect to see the next week filled with 5 variationsgrin
Patrick Krolis: LOL, smile I'll be shooting other stuff, but I can assure you I will be working with this model as well, so we'll leave this as is and work on something new smile

Sidney 25 Apr 2008, 09:51
Lovely model... great image!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Sidney!!!

marietom 25 Apr 2008, 14:20
sympa, ce portrait, avec de belles couleurs.
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup, thank you very much for your nice comment, you make very interesting photographs yourself

chichi 9 May 2008, 09:30
Very nice angle. smile
Patrick Krolis: thanks ChiChi. long time...smile

rags 14 May 2008, 06:00
nobody makes such nice images like you! I love your creativity in turning ordinary backgrounds into extraordinary ones.
Patrick Krolis: that is a serious compiment Rags, a very serousone, you made my day twice, the day you posted this and today wink

Fausto from Home 18 May 2008, 04:41
You were all great that day! Love the result bro. And Gloria....you rock too my dear. smile
Hope to do this again soon. When's the next post Master?
Patrick Krolis: yes our baby rocks, no wonder she is all over my portfolio wink

latest comment
Jos-Angel from Catalonia 20 May 2008, 01:11
Me gustan las fotos de chicas en estos ambientes decadentes. Aquí, creo que ha fallado la iluminación!
Patrick Krolis: la iluminacion es como es, yo creio que ajuda criar el ambiente wink

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for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera Nikon D200
exposure mode aperture priority
shutterspeed 1/20s
aperture f/4.5
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 40.0mm
Big CatsBig Cats
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