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photoblog image Big Cats
Model Credit: Gloria Dubois from www.bodynsoulmodels.com
Model Representation: Doré Models
Make-up: Gillian Calor
Assistance Fausto Fraser

Like Household Kittens, Big Cats love to play, Hide and Seek is one of the favorite games, using their camouflage colors to their benefit. Lucky the photographer who is prepared and captures the moment for eternity. The colors of the Lioness blend well in with the surroundings here.
Stan 15 Apr 2008, 05:57
I'm not sure about this one. The colours actually don't blend in with the surroundings in my opinion. I like the concept and it'd be a winner with a bit more work
Patrick Krolis: Respect Stan :d

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 15 Apr 2008, 09:17
Okay here goes, NO LIKEY, know you have a theme going here for these shots, but does this convey that theme to us or more importantly, if this was a theme given to you by a magazine editor, would this pass the muster? NO.

The pose is just not graceful enough, the crossed legs don't work, the sunglasses in hand, NO. Poses for theme shots like these is almost a science, not only for the photographer, but for the model and all those involved in the shoot. Now I bet you must have a better image in this same setting that best conveys the theme.

So always ask yourself, is this good enough for a magazine? Then open a few magazine and compare. Always works for us smile
Patrick Krolis: I was already getting worried that you stopped being critical at some point, the last few comments from you were very much in awe gringrin

now on a more serious note, while I do agree on the magazine suggestion and frequently apply that method too, there remains the question, when one's work is apart enough, differnt, new, fresh, or just interesting enough to get noticed.

and on a less serious note, we need to give the people something to talk about don't we!!

Have a great week guys!!!!

Ale 15 Apr 2008, 10:39
Another beautiful picture with the excellent expresion of her. Very nice shot.
Patrick Krolis: thanks Ale!!!

London photographer from United Kingdom 15 Apr 2008, 12:19
Hey Patrick, don't you just love some of the comments left on ya blog? Keep up the good work brother.
Patrick Krolis: Man, it's all about the comments :d especially some of them, LOL, thanks bro!!!

José-Angel from Catalonia 15 Apr 2008, 14:51
Me gusta el exceso de saturación en los colores, a pesar de que hay algunas zonas "quemadas"
Patrick Krolis: gracias Jose Angel!!!

Fausto from Paramaribo 15 Apr 2008, 14:52
Love it! Something different...can't wait for the rest...
Patrick Krolis: tonight bro!! wink

Tracy from Great Britain (UK) 15 Apr 2008, 14:52
Personally I think this is a well thought out shot with both subjects looking in the same direction, blending well.smile
Patrick Krolis: wink thank you very much Tracey!!!!!!!!!

Martin from United States 15 Apr 2008, 17:47
Great choice of venue with good props and a well sorted background. Pretty model too, but that almost goes without saying.
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Martin!! you definitely got a point!! wink

tim from united kindom 15 Apr 2008, 20:25
ooch Suby's comment, i am no expert on this sort of shoot but it sure looks fine to mesmile oh to be a statue for the daygrin
Patrick Krolis: hey somebody needs to alert me on the otherside wink i love all my comments smile they certainly help me to make my photogrpahy better smile
thanks for liking tim wink

Consuela from Paramaribo, Suriname 16 Apr 2008, 02:24
Nice picture of Gloria. The cam loves her.
Patrick Krolis: absolutely Consuela Absolutely!!!

deji77 from Europe 16 Apr 2008, 13:18
LOL! loving ur series Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Deji!!!!

Jewlya from United States 16 Apr 2008, 23:41
Interesting colors - very intense. It's a playful and unique composition.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very very much Jewla!!!

rags 17 Apr 2008, 04:59
I love the humor in this image. She is pretty too.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Rags, by being beautiful too, I suppose you mean my Big Cat? smile if I am correct the statue is from one dutch queen from days past by, I bet you my model will become the next Surinamese queen on the catwalks wink

latest comment
Imaginerf from France 8 May 2008, 09:05
Great one, I love the pose !
Patrick Krolis: Thank you Zeb!!

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera Nikon D200
exposure mode aperture priority
shutterspeed 1/1000s
aperture f/4.0
sensitivity ISO400
focal length 85.0mm
Big CatsBig Cats
Big CatsBig Cats
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