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photoblog image Jo-Ann

Model Credit: Jo-Ann from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

awaiting your comments

blackdog from Great Britain (UK) 14 Jan 2008, 08:52
Elegance personified, love the eye contact.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, I am trying to get somewhere here, have long not reached the goal as yet smile

Ginnie from United States 14 Jan 2008, 10:17
Now that is downright sassy, Patrick. Elegance personified, exactly!
Patrick Krolis: I am trying to achieve something indeed, but obviously have not achieved it fully yet smile

Suby & Sinem from MK, United Kingdom 14 Jan 2008, 11:20
We think we know what part of the problem of this shoot was...

1. No MUA was involved.
2. No hairstylist was involved.
3. The model has only one look (she has this bored sleepy eyes that is off putting)

Now we do not want to put the model down, it happens sometimes that a model does not bring their A game to the shoot. (We just did a magazine shoot with some models where one of the model's unfortunately as she did not bring her A game to the shoot, none of her images are been choosen by the mag editor)

Now the photographer can do his best to bring out the best in the model, he then takes the pics and passes it on to the prospective client or mag, now here you don't have a say in what is choosen. It's up to the model to ensure that whatever shoot they do, they percentage of good great shots far outway the bad ones.

In this sense the model has let herself down.

Now to the hair & makeup issue, she looks all elegant and all in the dress, then we look at her face, and it does not match the elegance she wears. Looks plain and drab withouth the proper professionals working on her.

Now here is a lesson to Patrick, you want your images to be noticed by the best magazines and clients who will be willing to pay top dollar for your time and effort.

If this is what they are going to see, they will move on to the next wannabe (like ourselves smile ) People who see our comments on your images think we are uneccessary harsh, but we are just telling a photographer who wants to take hiw work way past taking pictures for fun the truth, you want to make a profession out of photography, then your work has to compare with what is being seen in the best magazines.

Oh before we forget, what in the world is her right arm doing, it makes the image look even uglier sticking out like that.

If you can, we would love to see what you will come up with for your next shoot. Think of every detail of the shoot a lot more (you do this when you did the boxing shots) So why can't you with these type of shots?
Patrick Krolis: All points well taken S&S i carefully noted each one of them in my little notebook in my mind, and am working on the next shoots. While this shoot had a lot of experimentation and improvisation, like you rightfully suggested the next one will have the whole shebang well planned and executed, will let you know, thanks for the input, my favorite fashion photographer duo!!

Martin from United States 14 Jan 2008, 15:08
I am really not qualified to offer constructive criticism of fashion photography, but to me she looks too bored and indifferent to pull of the shot. I do like the textures of the dress and the contrast her skin makes with it.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you martin, I think you got some very good points here!!

Ellie from in a damp United Kingdom 14 Jan 2008, 22:37
I think the pose is almost right, her expression almost right, her neck needs to be a titchy bit straighter and perhaps her feet in slightly different positions and her right hand needs to be invisible.

Try telling her to look as if she's smelled something slightly unpleasant, but is with people who she daren't mention it to wink

I'm being picky aren't I, only because you're using a red shmood wink

I think the picture has potential
Patrick Krolis: yes I am in a RedShMood, so picky is what you are allowed to be, and from you I expect that too. I hope you will help me selecting the images for my 2008 portfolio, what a task!! smile Thank you very much for your input!!!

rags 15 Jan 2008, 06:14
She looks really pretty. Another awesome and pretty image.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Rags!!

Scarlet from The Netherlands 15 Jan 2008, 10:23
I found that Haute Couture always use a semi bored looking model in most shoots so I don't see the problem here except that hand that's a bid odd. Keep at it Patrick! You're doing great.
Patrick Krolis: The hand is really odd, worst is that I should have done something about that, but overlooked it, that is why constructive critism is so important smile

Black Pearl from United States 15 Jan 2008, 20:19
The model looks uninspired. The setting is good though. I think S&S made some good points in their post.
Patrick Krolis: Yes I think the model was very tired at this point smile I think S&S had some very fgood points, it should be understood though that this was experimentation too, improvised, very improvised, from a lot of perspectives, from location, to background, to light, to clothing, to make-up smile I am very hahhpy with the comments though because they will enable me to get to a level of excellence I seek smile

sguardiamo 18 Jan 2008, 15:53
nice, isn't simple to take a picture with all this white
Patrick Krolis: smile white on white proofed an very learning experiment, especially for a guy that normally shoots on black smile

José-Angel from Catalonia 23 Jan 2008, 00:09
Una elegante pose. Quizás haría faltaría destacar más las texturas en el vestido. Pero lo que no veo bien es la posición de la mano derecha!

An elegant pose. Perhaps it would do would lack to emphasize plus the textures in the dress. But what I do not see well it is the position of the right hand!
Patrick Krolis: la mono derecha es un gran error smile

latest comment
Yeni from London U.K 1 Feb 2008, 23:01
Patrick Krolis: You are way too kind, thank you so much for liking this!!

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