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photoblog image Jo-Ann

Model Credit: Jo-Ann from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

So let's take a break from hai boxers, I have a few more to show, but can't wait to show this series. Suriname's most valuable export is it's people. Young and talented they leave the country in search of studies, training and a new future. Some come back (like I did after my studies in Brazil) others find a new homeland.

But when the end of the years comes by, a lot of them return to Suriname to spent the festive season. And then the end of the year came by Jo-Ann also came. playing tennis in louisville, she might well be the next Serena Williams!!! or the next Anna Kournikova.

I spotted her at the sportsclub during her summer recess.  Found out she was a friend of my niece, we chatted over MSN and Facebook and decided to do a shoot at her overwintering in Suriname.

So much energy!!! So much beauty and so much elegance. We did a portfolio shoot for 5 hours and produced numerous great looking images, I will post a few this week.. Let's hear it for Joey!!

Jewlya from United States 9 Jan 2008, 00:12
She looks so confident and relaxed! Very nice shot.
Patrick Krolis: oh yes confident she is, and relaxed too smile we had very much fun doing the shoot

Mary MacADNski 9 Jan 2008, 00:19
Great shot and I love that dress.
Patrick Krolis: Oh yes I love the way the dress is swinging!!!

Martin from United States 9 Jan 2008, 00:21
Very nice work with the light and the colors!
Patrick Krolis: oh yes I love working with one light and the orange on black always comes out lovely

Guillo Grant from Suriname 9 Jan 2008, 00:55
I like the movement in it.
Patrick Krolis: I love the movement too Guillo, one reason why i choose this shot

VZ from Atlanta, Georgia 9 Jan 2008, 01:53
Hey Patrick,
You've been entertaining shutter women for quite a while now. I thought you just forgot about us, your pals, and here it is! Hurrrrrrray!
Be careful what you wish for her, my friend. Anna Kurnikova didn't win much in her career (though, made tons of money on advertisement).
Patrick Krolis: smilesmile you got my point Vktor, actually i wish her all the ahppiness she seeks,be it with tennis or with modelling. Will have some more from her to share with you guys smile

Ginnie from United States 9 Jan 2008, 02:39
Stunning. Brilliant. Gorgeous. Should I go on????
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much ginnie, no you don't need to go on, I got the message smilesmile thank you so much

rags 9 Jan 2008, 03:21
i love the way her dress looks. It is flowing like water. I like the image and and the model.
Patrick Krolis: yes I love the way the dress flows too, I thought this would make a wondeful advertisement for the dress too smile

Rafael from Suriname 9 Jan 2008, 04:46
Well done, compliments also to Jo-ann.
CU soon
Patrick Krolis: as Mary pointed out we both ahve jo-anns showing today and they are both doing quite well, I could have sworn that you shot wats taken in my studio, nice tribute!!

Stan 9 Jan 2008, 06:42
Lovely lady and lovely shot. The lighting on the face and hair could be better though.
Patrick Krolis: I agree the lighting on the face and the hair could be better, either with a reflector or a hairlight, I choose this image because of the dress though, loved the way it flows

Blackdog from On the dreaded dial up again! 9 Jan 2008, 07:42
Orange against black, one of my favourite contrasts - you certainly get a sense of her graceful movement.
Patrick Krolis: oh yes, I love orange on black too

Tracy from Stoke on Trent UK 9 Jan 2008, 08:05
This is an amazing shot,I love itsmile
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much tracey!!! glad you liked it

Shakara from Herts , UK 9 Jan 2008, 08:15
Beautiful very well done !!
Patrick Krolis: thank you shakara!! glad you liked it

Richard Standley from France 9 Jan 2008, 09:04
What a graceful shot! I like the colours and the lighting. Excellent job
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup Richard, the dfress makes it very graceful

Scarlet from The Netherlands 9 Jan 2008, 10:01
Grace, beauty and a good photograhper. A winning combination in my books. Even though I miss your boxer shots smile
Patrick Krolis: thanks Scarlet, will have a few boxers for you next week again I think smile

Nig from Cricked neck 9 Jan 2008, 12:25
Nice impact with the black background.
Patrick Krolis: love the contracst of orange and black myself nigel, thank for the comment

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 9 Jan 2008, 13:58
No LIKEY AT ALL Patrick, you could do better.

Lighting is off and whatever you did to the image in PP, WHY???. Look on face does not sell her beauty. Beautiful lady shot at the wrong moment.
Patrick Krolis: uhmmmm, yes master, guess you are right, I choose this shot because of the dress, I had her catwalking for a few minutes because I wanted to accentuate how the dress flowed on her.

Michael Rawluk 9 Jan 2008, 16:20
She has a beautiful relaxed soft look about her.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Michael!!

Black Pearl from United States 9 Jan 2008, 16:48
Such style and sass. You have captured her in a way that brings her to life.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Black Pearl, I was trying to bring the dress to life smile Thank you for your comment!!

tim from leeds, uk 9 Jan 2008, 18:14
oh my what a stunner, Jo-Ann that issmile the photo aint too bad either, joking apart superb Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much for the compliments Tim smile

Louis from South Africa 9 Jan 2008, 21:24
Of all the comments the S&S one caught my attention the most. Personally I must say that the flow of the dress remains my main impression. I think that without the border and watermark it would have looked stunning as if she is suspended in the air.

If you would follow the S&S example the model would have a haughty sort of look. If you would follow the Dotun example she would have a friendly or sexy look. She has neither in this picture. I would put that down to lack of training for the shoot.

Whatever, I don't think it is a major issue. Just some thoughts from me - and remember I am not a people photographer by interest.
Patrick Krolis: very interesting analysis Louis, and very much apreciated, I guess you are right, a bit more practising would have improved the model expression, abit more attention from me to the model lighting would have enhanced the model either S&S style or Dotun style, yet my attention was totally on the dress...which by itself is not a bad thing either I guess, but it could make more impact

UPDATE: I appied your suggestion and removed the border, result is indeed stunning!!! Thanks Louis!!

Ellie from Great Britain (UK) 9 Jan 2008, 23:23
I didn't see this with the border, but it looks superb without. Good idea that worked.

I think this'd make a superb "fashion" shot because the emphasis is very much on the lovely dress, but unfortunately the model isn't as sharp as she could be. Tell her to smile, she looks worried. wink
Patrick Krolis: smile thanks Ellie, you saved my day, and I'll tell her to smile or look more serious next time smile

Aussie from Brisbane 10 Jan 2008, 04:13
Wonderful feeling of movement to this shot Patrick. She is gorgeous.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much!!! smile

Obioma 10 Jan 2008, 19:26
Yes, I like the feeling of movement too. Well done
Patrick Krolis: Thnk you very much!!

José-Angel from Catalonia 11 Jan 2008, 00:06
He podido disfrutar de esta modelo en el blog de Rafael Chan. En esta ocasión, él le ha dado un aire más sexy! smile
Patrick Krolis: No es la mesma modelo Jose-Angel smile gracias por tu visita y tu commentario. La Jo-Ann de Rafael realmente es para desfrutar :d

deji77 14 Jan 2008, 00:40
she's definitely got IT gringrin
lovely captures of Jo-Ann Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Deji!!

Gale from Cape of Storms 14 Jan 2008, 12:51
The dress makes it. Interesting comments you are getting.
Patrick Krolis: smile intersitng comments yes, the way the dress swirls and movs because of ehr motion is what fascinates me in this picture

Imaginerf from France 22 Jan 2008, 03:15
Very dynamic picture, beautiful effect on the dark background : A best off !
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup Zeb, I love the effect of the rdress on the background swirling by her motion too

latest comment
goke dairo 19 Jan 2009, 19:00
OMG! she is georgous, love the motion piction, looks like walking fire.
Patrick Krolis: Oh yess, she is gorgeous smile

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