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photoblog image Pose!

Anthony and Suelle in a fantasy pose. No fighters were hurt during the making of this shot!!

Rafael (http://rafaelchan.shutterchance.com/) posed the fighters I thought it wonderfully showed from my perspective the differnce between the female and male fighter perspectives

I almost  am done with the busiest season of the year and should ahve time again to answer the comments and visit my buddies, just hold on one more day or so....

As you know by now more information on Simson's Gym can be obtained from their website at http://www.simsongym.com/

Martin from United States 7 Jan 2008, 00:18
This is a beautiful shot, but it doesn't look like a fight. Nothing wrong with that, or course. In fact it probably makes the pose more striking (no pun intended).
Patrick Krolis: It definitely doesn't look like a fight smile luckily I would say, I just thought that the womans determined but feminine front and the man's muscular back gave an interesting perspective from where I was standing.

Ginnie from United States 7 Jan 2008, 01:40
It's like a slow-motion frame, Patrick, of a rigged fight, kinda like what Martin said. The lighting is fabulous, once again! I like seeing the woman's face and the man's muscled back.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you vry much Ginnie, I think you see what I was seeing, I love the contrasts, the woman's determined but still very feminine face and the man's mean muscular back, the way the light strikes, I was just in a very priviledged position at the right time I guess.

Jewlya from United States 7 Jan 2008, 04:47
Patrick - the black and white and the dark background are both great choices for the shot. I like how both fighters muscles are engaged, but the woman's face seems calm, almost relaxed.
Patrick Krolis: exactly, that was the thing that I myself found most interesting as well!!

Aussie from back on nights. 7 Jan 2008, 07:02
Terrific shot Patrick, not a lot of people realize there are female boxers and pretty ones at that. One of my workmates has a daughter who trains and boxes in Sydney.
Patrick Krolis: Yes actually i hope to photograph a female boxer one of these days that has been 7 times world champion and isof surinamese descendance. Ilonka Elmont. She i frequently in Suriname these days and I am trying to arrange a shoot with her.

Louis from South Africa 7 Jan 2008, 10:23
Excellent posed shot, although the guy on the right hasn't got the will in the eyes to connect. Looks a little dreamy and is going to get one on the jaw.
Patrick Krolis: the guy on the right is a woman Louis!!!! smile

DrAW! from nigeria 7 Jan 2008, 11:12
top notch!
lighting, composition, concept
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Doc!! Thank you very much

Tracy from Stoke on Trent UK 7 Jan 2008, 13:07
Nice composition and the pose is fantastic. Great advert materialsmile
Patrick Krolis: ohkee now you need to tell me what we can advertise with it, you definitely stirred my interest smile, thank you so much for the compliments!!!!

Richard Standley from France 7 Jan 2008, 13:26
We feel like being in a slow motion film Patrick. Great lighting
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Richard!!!

Ellie from United Kingdom 7 Jan 2008, 14:20
I think the picture itself is very good, but it does look posed - there's no real feeling of action, or spark in the woman's face. Perhaps brightening the eyes might make it better - she says, not knowing how something like that could be achieved.
Patrick Krolis: thanks ellie, it definitely is and looks posed, it is the softness of her face versus the muscles on his back, tha I found most interesting

Rafael from Suriname 9 Jan 2008, 05:00
Thank you Pat for showing my pose
but when arranging this pose I intended to make a panoramic photograph in which your eye could travel from one fist to the other... Leave out the half of this photo and you get an entire different feel to it and accentuate other things.
Also the (back) muscles, the face and the shadows would be accentuated even more because of this crop. Sometimes less is more smile

With some photo perspective and some experience in martial arts (see: http://youtube.com/watch?v=uVZe9D6VtGU ) I arranged a pose only for the upper part of the upper body and not the legs as in other photographs.

Anyhow, the only thing missing in my opinion is a fierce look in the eyes of the female boxer (or a title like love and war) and of course the panoramic crop just below all fists.
Patrick Krolis: Of course, less is more, the challenge is to find the speaking parts of the image, when you posed this you were looking at the fists, while I would not shoot this shot, I couldn't resist the contrast between her face and feminine touch and his muscled back, hence my take on your pose, I hope you put your's up anytime soon, so SC can see your vision of it too.

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 9 Jan 2008, 13:59
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much S&S, does that mean that this one was even better than the previous better one :d

liam from South Africa 10 Jan 2008, 07:41
ha ha...lol at Louis' comment. I was wondering if she was a woman...without offending her!!!!! Hoppe to god she does not see this site! smile I have seen what these thai boxers can do!

Great shot and nicely posed
Patrick Krolis: whatch out she is on her way to South Africa!!! LOL
thanks for the comment!!!

José-Angel from Catalonia 11 Jan 2008, 00:09
Esta imágen me recuerda al Patrick que conozco. Usando bien las sombras! Bravo!
Patrick Krolis: Aaaaah, gracias gracia gracias smile

latest comment
Gale from Cape of Storms 14 Jan 2008, 12:55
Excellent lighting .. well captured
Patrick Krolis: Thjank you very much gale!!!

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