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photoblog image Gloria

Model Credit: gloriadubois from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

Here is Gloria again, she is featured in Atelier Dore 1 my very first post on shutterchance as well. That was the first time I had shot her actually one year earlier to be exact, ever since we have been waiting for a chance to shoot together again, last friday, was the day.

I wanted to shoot something for my portfolio, that wasn't my typical more art inspired shot, but that would show a more commercial side of my photography. Something that can be used for a jeans or clothing advertisement, a lifestyle shot. I could not have been happier with Gloria, while the original location got canceled last minute, we had to drive for about an hour to get to the next alternative. The hour was getting late, rain started to fall upon us, and the sun was going going going fast. Yet we managed to get a few very nice shots, like his one. So much happiness so much fun, these clothes much be fantastic!!! :d

You should see a lot more of Gloria in the future, I think she is one Supermodel!! Has a great personality, and shooting with her is soooo much fun.  The clothing comes from Gloria, Kimberly did her make-up, and Naomi assisted and directed the shot.

Did I mentione we are all available to produce your next commercial?

Martin from United States 4 Dec 2007, 00:17
It looks like she is having fun! I like the smile and the location, but the pose looks a bit uncomfortable to me and her face seems to be a little blurry. Just my $0.02, of course.
Patrick Krolis: Oh yes fun she is having lot's of fun, actually we all had lot's of fun. the face is a little blurry indeed, yet I choose this shot on purpose, to me the little blurriness adds to the lively mood of the image, after all the message the image should convey is one about happiness, the little blurriness adds to the atmosphere in the photograph. Thanks fot the comment and for your $0.02, If more people put their two cents in pretty soon I will have a fat bankaccount wink apreciate it very much.

Red Pen 4 Dec 2007, 01:41
Very pretty model with sparkling, vivacious personality. I like the composition and location of the shot, but agree with Martin that the image is a bit blurry.
Patrick Krolis: Oh thank you so much for the compliment, the face is a bit blurry indeed, as I told Martin, I choose this shot on purpose since to me it expresses more of the happiness expressed by the model, after all the image is all about being happy smile

TwinkleEyes 4 Dec 2007, 02:02
hoii Patrick .. weer een heel mooie shot

is het geen idee om met een kalender uit te komen voor t komend jaar?
de bezoekers laten kiezen welke shots je kunt gebruiken uit een lijst van jouw favoriete .
misschien te laat maar lijkt mij wel leuk !!!
Patrick Krolis: Hey Hey, hartelijk dank voor het compliment. Ik heb inderdaad overwogen om een calendar te doen dt jaar, het is nu iets te laat of ik moet een calendar maken die niet van januari tot december loopt, ik kijk er nog even naar, op dit moment wil ik heel graag reklame schieten,het kan zoveel moier dan we nu in Suriname doen, en miscien hort die calendar inderdaad bij da plan wink thanks for loving it!!!

VZ from United States 4 Dec 2007, 04:39
oh, she's a darling. You're so damn lucky working with such beautiful models. Now look what that old grumpy man Ray shoots. Bugs! Life is not fair, Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much for the compliment, you are right, fe in itself is not fair, it is us humans and friends who have to work to spread the wealth wink that is why I am sharing this with you, on the other hand, I could never do those bautiful bugs the way you do, so you give me my share of that!!! wink

Dan 4 Dec 2007, 09:42
Great natural shot, it would work for a jeans commercial. I look forward to seeing more smile
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Dan, of course your comment that it woul work well for a jeans commercial is the cherry on the cake!!! Thank you so much for being on the same wavelength wink

valerie 4 Dec 2007, 11:33
Leuke foto! Echt een reclame shot, spontaan, vrolijk. en een mooi meisje .. grin
Patrick.. you already know.. I want her as a model for my design dresses-portfolio
Patrick Krolis: Dank je wel Val, Gloria is inderdaad super!!! Ik kijk er naar uit om je designer dresses portfolio te schieten!!!!!

Gale from South Africa 4 Dec 2007, 15:29
Great looking model with a stunning smile.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Gale, she has a stunning smle indeed :d

Ginnie from United States 4 Dec 2007, 16:57
She's dreamy, Patrick (so blurry is okay, imho), and I can definitely see this as a jeans/casual wear advert!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Ginnie, as always you made my day wink

Richard Standley from France 4 Dec 2007, 18:09
Very nice composotion. She seems to have fun
Patrick Krolis: Merci Richard, Thank you very much, she was having fun :d

Nigel Clack from Glawsterrr!! 4 Dec 2007, 18:54
I agree idea and composition are good, may be the blur using flash and rear curtain sync would have worked better, only in hindsight thoughwink
Patrick Krolis: Hmmm, did not think of that, might be an option to try that the next time. Thanks for the suggestion.

Guilliano 4 Dec 2007, 21:49
Goeie compositie! Zeker geen verkeerd model. Het is wel jammer dat de foto een beetje onscherp is. Ook jammer van haar linkerarm tegen de witte muur (dat wit op wit stoort mij een beetje). Misschien een beetje croppen?
In ieder geval, keep up the good work!!
Patrick Krolis: Hartelijk dank voor het commentaar!!

Louis from South Africa 4 Dec 2007, 22:55
Improvements - sharper focus, such a fun person. I like the pose in general, but Guilliano is right about the white on white. I am thinking commercial with these comments. Still a great picture.
Patrick Krolis: The white on white is indeed a very delicate balance, when seen on a calibrated monitor there is enough contrast with the wall, but I will check how it prints out, maybe I got an issue here indeed.

blackdog from Another World 4 Dec 2007, 23:17
Lovely smile and a lovely shot - I like the casual appearance and mood, although I imagine she wasn't convinced she was totally safe ;o)
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much my friend, notice she isn't holding on with her hands :d

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 5 Dec 2007, 12:36
Interesting shot grin
Patrick Krolis: thank you subster!! glad you liked it!!

Edward 5 Dec 2007, 15:33
Gloria is erg goed als model. Deze image straalt in 1 oogopslag zo een hoeveelheid 'joy' uit.. heel mooi gecaptured. Zie ik een aura om dr hoofd? Een ietsje lichtere ring. Bravo team!
Patrick Krolis: Gloria is one of the best there is and I will make sure along with many others (you incuded) that she gets the place she deserves. Thank for the comment bro. Indeed there is a slight aura around her head, she is an angel, but knowing her you knew that already :d

DrAW! 5 Dec 2007, 17:04
lovely fun shot
i'd like to complain that it is blurred but i know that the blurring does not detract from it's impact
keep it up
Patrick Krolis: thanks Doc!! You got it right, I too believe that the blurring does not detract, actually I believe it adds a bit, but then again I made the picture :d

Fausto from Office 6 Dec 2007, 00:09
Nice work Master! Like the whole feel of the set up and for me it works. A jeanscommercial indeed...your getting there. The unsharp part bothers me a bit but overall...Cool! Like the model too.
To bad I couldn't be there to assist. Next time I will be present!
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Fausto, it was a pitty indeed that you couldn't make it, but there are a lot more projects coming up, you know, we still have a lot of Surinamese talent to showcase here smile The girls on Facebook even started a group named "Surinamese Girls are Hotter!!" our job to convince the world through our photography...

José-Angel from Spain 6 Dec 2007, 11:09
Gloria es preciosa y tú has sabido robarle una bonita sonrisa. Los colores y texturas de la foto tambien me resultan muy agradables... pero la postura de gloria es muy complicada, verdad? wink

Gloria is precious and you have known to rob a pretty smile to him. The colors and textures of the photo also are to me very pleasant... but the glory position is very complicated, right? wink
Patrick Krolis: la postura estaba un poco complicado :d, balanceando smile Thank you very much for the compliments Jose Angel, Gracias mi amigo!!!

Zebigleb from France 6 Dec 2007, 13:27
She's so nice, so optimist ! Beautiful !
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup Zeb, wonderful spirit right!! Looking at this image makes me sooo happy smile

Julz MoniQue 6 Dec 2007, 14:43
Patrick, you captured the beauty. Prachtig geschoten and a good choice. I must agree with most comments, she has fun and shines a beauty on its own. Echt een plezier om naar te kijken en het geeft zijn eigen leven smile ... ik kijk uit naar onze samenwerking
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Julz MoniQue!!! Gloria is indeed fantastic, but that you already know :d, looking forward to our shoot...

latest comment
Rafael Chan from Milmac 8 Dec 2007, 00:39
She has a figure and a face of a real model smile
I think you should continue shooting Gloria over and over again, she is so beautiful.
Also a very good hearted person I suspect
You've proven to be a genuine photographer with different qualities and capable of capturing the essence of her characterÂ…
a simple spontaneous laughter which makes Gloria even MORE beautiful than she already is wink
Patrick Krolis: You are soo right Rafael, Sooo Right, Gloria is a very very special person and a great model. Thanks for the compliments!!

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