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photoblog image Cold Fire

Model Credit: v_oehlers from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

I would like to thank all the people that visited the blog over the last 2 days, after about 2 months of inactivity it feels very good to be welcomed with such enthusiasm here on shutterchance again.

For those of you who have been visiting the blog yesterday and the day before already, know that this is the third photograph out of a test shoot. More photgraphs with the same model will undoubtfully follow, as we are making plans for more shoots already. My photography is moving in the right direction, not only artistily but also as a business. Good reactions from everybody since my announcement that I would do this more and more as a business. I would like to thank you all for the support.

Todays shot, Cold Fire is the last of a series of 3 photogrpahs showed. Each photograph has it's very own style and mood. I hope you will agree with me that each one definitely had my trademark on it, my goal of joining SC 11 months ago was to help me identify my own style and I think I have come a lonfg way at least in my understanding of what I can and what I want.

Last nut not least I have to thank Valerie, she has been amazing, not only during the shoot (the proof thereof is in the last 3 posts), but also with her support and enthusiasm over the last few days, and her eagerness to produce more beautiful imagery toghether very soon.

Martin from United States 8 Nov 2007, 00:36
Nice! I like the cold tones of the stones on the cross in all that warm glow.
Patrick Krolis: you nailed my own view of this photograph Martin!! Both the model and I agreed on the title Cold Fire because of that smile you made my day!!

Gerold 8 Nov 2007, 01:15
Two thumbs up! I like the way the picture exhales warmth which is perfectly balanced by the amount of "dark". It makes me think about: Arabian Nights (yes, even with the cross), sweet dreams, mystery, complexity and distance. Touch her and she'll fade away for ever...like a dying flame.

My compliments!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for your elaborated comment Gerold. I am moved by understanding in how many ways this image has touched you. Thank you very very much.

Valerie 8 Nov 2007, 01:16
deze is het kersje op de taart he? of hoe je dat ook al weer zegt hahaa
you're the best!
Patrick Krolis: the cherry on the cake, you are truly amazing, and see, i am not the only one that thinks that wink I guess i am one lucky photographer and of course I have to thank our secret in the dark too!!!

Ryan 8 Nov 2007, 01:36
Patrick Krolis: Hartelijk dank Ryan!!

Michael Rawluk from Canada 8 Nov 2007, 01:42
Gorgeous look. It is like shooting daylight film with incandescent light.
The cross really adds to the shot. It gives us a focal point.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Micheal, your comment shows that my creative energy worked on the day of the shoot smile

Dino 8 Nov 2007, 01:45
Vellebel, vellebel, vellebel
sorrie, alleen je naam kan uit me mond komen

Wat is god goed

Patrick Krolis: From the words out of your mouth I must assume you are truly impressed smile thank you for expressing it in such a powerful way...

Urv from United States 8 Nov 2007, 05:27
I'm glad to see so many new and beautiful images. Though I must admit the first of the three was my favorite. The shadow figure just made it for me. Though they're all stunning. Hope you're good streak continues!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you for the compliment. When after the shot I was sifting through the images, I decided to show the variation of the test shoot in all it's details and choose 3 photograph which each had their own feel mood expression and reason for being. I discussed this with the model on the day when the first shot went up and told her I expected people to have different favorites, so it is a very nice comment you make here explaining how the first shot was your favorite and why smile thanks Urv.

Urv from United States 8 Nov 2007, 05:27
And by you're I meant your
Patrick Krolis: got that wink

Aussie from Brisbane 8 Nov 2007, 05:38
Very nice shot, like that warm colour.
Patrick Krolis: yes indeed the warm color is a very important part of the photograph

shakara from Nigeria 8 Nov 2007, 07:54
Sensual !!!
Patrick Krolis: it is!!

ET 8 Nov 2007, 10:39
thats a 'hot' picture...you have me checking your photoblog everyday now patrick
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much ET, Cold Fire will remain for a few days on the frontpage of the blog, so come back and enjoy it and take a look to the rest of the images here. By the weekend there should be new material here, and probably some more of Valerie too smile

José Angel Sáez-Díez (Jasdg) 8 Nov 2007, 14:36
Yo creo que con esa foto haces un salto hacia adelante. Dejas las luces y sombras y entras en el color y la creatividad! Todo es válido, todo es arte. Te felicito!

I believe that with that photo beams forwards a jump. You leave to the lights and shades and you enter the color and the creativity! Everything is valid, everything is art. I congratulate to you!
Patrick Krolis: muy profundo su analises, yo mismo no tenia esta idea de mi mismo!!

very profound your analysis, I myslef had not thought of it like that as yet!!

Richard Standley from France 8 Nov 2007, 18:22
Very sensual picture with this warm colour tone
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Richard!! I am glad the photograph connected!!

PhotoSam from United Kingdom 8 Nov 2007, 20:00
mood is perfect...love the yellow light and the contrasting blue cross...
Patrick Krolis: You got it spot on!! That is exactly what Cold Fire is all about!!!

blackdog from Bath on dial up! 8 Nov 2007, 21:51
I echo Sam's comment - the blue cross 'makes' the shot with the strong contrst against the orange/yellow.
Patrick Krolis: You guys definitely Got It, that is what the Cold Fire is all about!!

Louis from South Africa 8 Nov 2007, 22:43
Most excellent and yes all thumbs up.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much my friend. I appreciate your comment.

Nigel Clack from Glawsterrr!! 8 Nov 2007, 23:14
Moody and sensual, warm and cold. V nice and I cant believe it's the same girl on all three!
Patrick Krolis: smile thank you very much, I think you got my idea very well, as I was sifting through the images after the shot, I decided to show the whole gmaut of the test shoot with 3 images. Each one has its own mood, feel, and place in time. Valerie has been great on this indeed.
PS. Hey I couldn't believe it was the same photographer wink

jelb 10 Nov 2007, 22:43
Well done atmosphere..Nice model..Bravo!
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup!! thank you very much for your kind words...

Dan 12 Nov 2007, 16:13
Lovely shot, great lighting, great composition. Excellent work.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very very much for your visit and your compliment

Red Pen 13 Nov 2007, 16:39
There's a nice counterpoint of the cool stones in the pendant and the warm, fiery tones.
Patrick Krolis: you where caught in the Cold Fire too then smile

Zebigleb from France 14 Nov 2007, 18:35
Great one once again : Bravo !
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the compliment Zeb!! Merci Beaucoup!

Aries 16 Nov 2007, 10:02
Nice angle to pay attention to the cross. The warmth of her body closes the gap between the darkness on the left and the glow on the right.

Good work.
Patrick Krolis: You are definitely touched by the Cold Fire, that is the spirit...

Gary 27 Nov 2007, 01:21
Holy Crap.

The model is smoking.

And the lighting is damn good.

What an intimate and sexy picture.

Well done, model
Well done, photographer.
Patrick Krolis: Holy Cow, that is one strong statement!!!! :d Thank you very much for the compliments...

ibis 27 Nov 2007, 18:17
more tetsss!!!
Patrick you made Val seem even prettier than I've imagined she could become.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Ibis!! Expect more from Val...hehhe, thanks for the compliments

latest comment
Sarina Gitoroemakso from Amsterdam 5 Dec 2007, 14:00
very nice..i did a similar shot back in 2006 with a very good friend of mine..also a photographer...only his hands are on my boobs..and i was holding the cam....can't wai til he gets back so we can do a professinal version of it..as we were just playin around...tongue
teamwork eh ...
nice shot smile
Patrick Krolis: Yes teamwork is what it is all about, the "hands on the boobs" theme appears to be very popular, a friend of mine and fellow shutterchancers is doing a project around it, I don't find the others peoples hand on the boobs that interesting, but I think it is very tender when the model herself does it, on the other hand I am very interested to see how your version worked out.

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