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photoblog image Naomi
I have been away for a while, for those of you who visited the blog in the last few weeks it is obvious why, for those of you who didn't just take a look at the previous post :d

It needs no explanation why I choose this model to be featured today, the day of my return to Shutterchance :d

sk 20 Sep 2007, 00:30
this is very good man, i really like the softness
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, there went some time in the post processing to get the desired result, I actually found out it is not working on allfiles, there need to be a specific amount of shadow/light in the original file, we keep on learning as we go smile

sk 20 Sep 2007, 00:32
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very very much for the congratulations from your part, greeting from both of us

Martin from United States 20 Sep 2007, 00:54
Welcome back!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Martin, feels good to be back :d

Jos Angel Sez-Dez (Jasdg) from Spain 20 Sep 2007, 01:23
Patrick, Naomi is your wife? She is very pretty. Now I understand why you have taken as much in returning after your wedding... the trip of fiancès has been tired and you have had yourself to recoverwink LOL! Welcome and you could not again have begun with better photo. (a thing, this photo is before the wedding or later? wink

Patrick, Naomi es tu esposa? Ella es muy bella. Ahora entiendo por qué has tardado tanto en volver después de tu boda... el viaje de novios ha sido cansado y te has tenido que recuperar wink LOL! Bienvenido de nuevo y no podías haber empezado con mejor foto. (Una cosa, esta foto es antes de la boda o después? wink
Patrick Krolis: Ola Jose-Angel, you asked the right question, before or after smile I shot this almost a year ago...smile You will soon see more of her more recent shots smile

Jos Angel Sez-Dez (Jasdg) from Spain 20 Sep 2007, 01:28
Ah! He Olvidado decir que intentes aprovechar las ventajas de la nueva plantilla... busca en preferencias!

Ah! I have forgotten to say that you try to take advantage of the advantages the new group... looks for in preferences!
Patrick Krolis: I have seen the new display possibilities, but i prefer the old one Jose. The new one looks too much like many other blogs.

Gail Wiley from Sandwich 20 Sep 2007, 03:17
Wonderful shot. I love the softness and the tones. Her expression and the way she is sitting gives a feeling of a lost soul.
Patrick Krolis: isn't it beautiful? no wonder I married her wink, thank you so uch for the comment!!

Guillo Grant from Suriname 20 Sep 2007, 03:42
Cherish the love. She'll be the model of your life.
The rest will come and go, but she wil always strike a pose...
Patrick Krolis: Thanks for the wise words Guillo, I'll definitely rmember those!!

ChaCha 20 Sep 2007, 03:48
Guess whose backkkkkk
I see you've got good taste smile...But seriously SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!
Patrick Krolis: I thought I was back, yet it took quite some more time to really get back smile, getting up to date with my comments and posting again, meanwhile I see that you keep producing one fantastic image after another!!

Michael Rawluk from Canada 20 Sep 2007, 05:13
Exquisite. I love the angles formed by the legs and arms. And it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Micheal, very very much smile for both compliments...

E Etomi 20 Sep 2007, 05:26
Welcome back Patrick. Hope you had a great time.
Patrick Krolis: well as you noticed I extended my tme away smile, but now I am back, shooting a lot these days, hope to get enough material for SC

Naomi Krolis 20 Sep 2007, 05:44
Thank you it was a great surprise when I've noticed that you've posted my picture.
You did a great job, i thought I couldn't be prouder of you and love you more,than I already did but now I do.

and evrybody thank you but it easy to be beautifull with such a great personality next to you.

Love you
Patrick Krolis: You are my sweetest inspiration Angel!! Love you immensly

Saf & Kim 20 Sep 2007, 06:28
Hey Girl,

What a beautiful picture of you..really
We Like It
Great job patrick!

saf and kimmy
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Saf & Kim, lovely comment from 2 lovely ladies!!

Stan 20 Sep 2007, 07:07
Hmm...i like it too much to bother pointing out the flaws. Nice!
Patrick Krolis: thanks Stan!!!

Zebigleb from France 20 Sep 2007, 07:37
Very sweet picture : Bravo for the composition and the management of lights !
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very very much Zeb!!

mal from Great Britain (UK) 20 Sep 2007, 07:55
Errrmm! Stunning Mr K. Simply stunning. mal
Patrick Krolis: Thak you Thank you Thank you Mr Stuart!!! It's a great honour!!

Petra from Netherlands 20 Sep 2007, 09:39
Welcome back Patrick! terrific capture of your beautiful wife...Lovely!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Petra, it actually took more time to come back, changes in ones life are not always predictable, I am sure you can understand why I had to amrry her smile

blackdog from United Kingdom 20 Sep 2007, 10:43
Lovely intimate shot. Congratulations.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Mike, I guess you understand why I had to marry her smile

johnnyg 20 Sep 2007, 10:50
Patrick my friend you have come back to soon from your honeymoon, spend more quality time with your lovely bride as the need to work to pay bills will hit you soon enough smile Did you post this shot on your other blog before as I feel I've already seen this, I remember asking myself about the light. Forgive the question here but do you shoot in RAW.

And I can see from your wifes comment above congratulations are not needed as it sounds like you have found your life's mate. All the best.

Patrick Krolis: Hey J!! It seems like I took your advice, and stayed away a bit longer smile Now you are right the need to work to pay the bills hit, and working is what i am doing now smile

I do shoot exclusively in RAW lately, I started out oing JPEG, then for a while I was doing RAW+JPEG, but now with Lightroom exclusively RAW my friend EXCLUSIVELY. the only drawback is that I need soooooo much diskspace :d and DVD's for Backup!!

deji77 20 Sep 2007, 12:50
A lovely image Patrick! Even made more special as she loves it!
Patrick Krolis: when your love, loves the lovely images you love to take, I guess the love is a loves worth smile

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 21 Sep 2007, 12:13
Welcome back bro, I absolutely love love love this work. Fantastic mood with the lighting & I love the processing you have done here grin
Patrick Krolis: grin

Yẹni from Great Britain (UK) 6 Nov 2007, 02:32
A masterpiece
Patrick Krolis: I humbly accept you compliment...wink

latest comment
Simone 13 Dec 2007, 14:59
Hi Patrick,

I like this one very much.
Real great!!!!
Keep up the good Job.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you soo much Simone, thank you soo much wink

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