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photoblog image Raymond
Also shot in 2005 for the same calendar as the previous photo, this shows Raymond, we did the photo session right after he was ready for his Pimp & Ho Party in August 2005.
Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, Uk 24 Aug 2007, 00:12
Eeeeck scary grin
Patrick Krolis: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, gringringrin lol

Olayẹni 24 Aug 2007, 02:55
not my cup of tea
Patrick Krolis: I respect that smile

Olayẹni 24 Aug 2007, 02:55
Patrick Krolis: heheeeee, having second thoughts? smilesmile

Fausto Fraser from Paramaribo 24 Aug 2007, 06:12
Two likey's in one morning! This is a great scary striking pose! Reminds me of the Prodigy and of myself, my inner craziness if I can say that without scaring my fellow SCrs. Sharp detail on the face, like that and the makeup gives an extra touch to the whole scene. This picture could easily be named in the trend of a Cinema Movie:
Tigerglaw in
"The effectiveness of the Tigerclaw, dear to fight me? Be a man!!"
Patrick Krolis: hahaha, I like your suggestion for he title smile LOL

sk 24 Aug 2007, 06:41
very nice Patrick. Pimp and Ho party???? LOL
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Asiko, you read it right Pimp and Ho party :d:d People dress up like pimps and ho's and have a party, with loud music and a lot of booze

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 24 Aug 2007, 08:38
He represents the savage beast in all of us, Patrick! Well done!
Patrick Krolis: oh yes Ginnie, you saw it right!!

PitwallAntix from JHB, South Africa 24 Aug 2007, 08:48
Love the colouring and the action moving towards the viewer, one almost has to take a step back to truly appreciate the full effect of this photograph. Very well captured! Regards, Elize :o)
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Elize, I really wanted the viewer to get the feeling that he could be touched at any moment

mal 24 Aug 2007, 09:44
great work Patrick, i like this. mal
Patrick Krolis: hey hey Mal, Thanks smile

Coleen 24 Aug 2007, 13:08
me *ducks* in case i get hit on the head!!!
Nice Shot! Patrick
Patrick Krolis: Jayeeeee, :d, thanks for the compliment Coleen !!!

ChaCha 24 Aug 2007, 17:03
Nice Shot!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you ChaCha!!

blackdog 24 Aug 2007, 18:14
Great action shot - he looks like he means business...

Have a good Week-end.
Patrick Krolis: Hehehe, enjoy your weekend too Mike

Martin 24 Aug 2007, 19:03
Very dynamic shot. I like the perspective!
Patrick Krolis: Hey Martin, Thank you very much, the perspective is really nice I agree, actually it developed during the shoot until we got my position and his position right, actually he is almost touching the lens smile

Zebigleb 24 Aug 2007, 23:55
Great ! Very creative work and angle of view - A bit scary too !!
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Zeb, it was meant to look scary indeed, I think I successfully captured that feeling. smile

Louis from South Africa 26 Aug 2007, 09:29
Is this guy a shotputter at the olympics? smile

Great shot, pity about the calendar project.
Patrick Krolis: smile LOL, it shall then be the underworld Olympics, LOL, calendar project will have to fnd a new sponsor, I will pursue it.

Jos-Angel 26 Aug 2007, 13:00
It is to be thankful that the boy is chained. LOL. A spectacular image. With much power!
Patrick Krolis: hahahaha, you are right, very bad person, creepy smile

Rafael Chan 27 Aug 2007, 17:20
Very expressive! Nice angle smile
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, it took a while to get the most expressive angle, but here it actually came quite close to what I wanted smile

latest comment
Stan 20 Sep 2007, 07:15
Excellent....except for the background....
Patrick Krolis: must shamefully admit that only now I saw it, the background is definitely not OK, the risks of not finalizing the image on a calibratd screen!!, thanks for the comment!!!

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