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photoblog image David, the Marrocan
Way back from the archives, shot in 2005, with my Olympus, the shot was originally intended for a calendar project, the calendar for 2006, never came through though, since the main sponsor got in severe problems later in the year. The pose was inspired by my first nude shot which can be seen here
Michael Rawluk 22 Aug 2007, 01:45
The first shot lost the fingers which was a distraction. Both have very nice light.
Patrick Krolis: You remember it very well indeed Michael, It is nice when we have sometimes the opportunity to improve upon a concept smile

sara from earth 22 Aug 2007, 02:01
very nice even light. i know why his knee is up with his ankle crossed, thats obvious, but i think it us up a little too high and it makes his torso seem off centre. i love how even his arms and fingers seem. his muscles seem balanced and the tone is cool. ~S.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Sara, you are obviously right, I could have done it a bit better sad

Fausto Fraser 22 Aug 2007, 04:18
I wonder how many ladybloggers's harts on SC are pounding above the regular rate smile Needles to say I like the lighting and the pose even does it for male models. Muscular male models I must add.
Patrick Krolis: muscular models indeed, that is apparently the equivalent of beautiful ladies, then again, all people can be shot beautifully. I had two things in mind first the shot that I refer to and then another shot I had seen once, where the light really enhanced the muscular arms of a model, I think I did reasonably well here to get to the feeling I had in mind.

And you know me I hope my shots get everybody's heart beating faster, just by enjoying beautiful photography :d

anniedog 22 Aug 2007, 09:52
Great pose - I know his arms are resting on something but you have made it look like he is balancing. I love the way you have lit the figure.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Ingrid, you are right, his arms are resting on a sofa, but the black background cloth is over the sofa as well. Glad you liked it

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 22 Aug 2007, 12:12
Lovely lovely pose
Patrick Krolis: thanks Sub & Sin smile glad you liked it too

Zebigleb 22 Aug 2007, 13:33
Great esthetic ! Bravo !
Patrick Krolis: Merci Beauoup Zeb, thank you very very much

Louis from South Africa 22 Aug 2007, 14:12
She is more beautiful than he grin Both great pictures and poses.
Patrick Krolis: hihihi :d you sure got a point there

Petra 22 Aug 2007, 21:33
Great pose and composition Patrick...its to bad it never went on the calender..
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Petra, I was just thinking when I posted it, maybe I should do a calendar myself, with some of my work...

johnnyg 23 Aug 2007, 00:47
I know what Sara is saying but I think she's wrong , this is a very strong pose but I think, and this is only me, the other tones that you use which is maybe a desaturated sepia whould have been better for this. You've done that in the past and for some reason it seems to add strenght to the image, almost the way Jide pp his images. Just a thought. I've got some models to shoot over the next two weeks and I wanted to try to capture in post just such a tone.

Patrick Krolis: You definitely got a point on the PP, I actually did it like this because I was walking around with it in my head for some time now on a photograph, that I can't post, the thing I have done in the past might have worked better for this, then again, I think we should not be afraid to try new things, and receive comments, it is the only way to improve. I'll secretly try the old PP and see ho it feels. So you got yourself some models over the next two weeks, boy, how I am jealous, let's shoot together. Can I join you? :d Enjoy man, looking forward to your work.

Larry Bliss from North Carolina, USA 23 Aug 2007, 01:22
To me the arms looks like wings and the model appears to fly. This is one to be proud of.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Larry, I sure feel proud, especially after your words. Thank you very much!!

objectif-P 23 Aug 2007, 05:42
wow! quelle belle photo! j'adore
Patrick Krolis: merci beaucoup, that is as much french as I can speak, but I do understand your words perfectly and I m proud that you love it. I must admit that the compliment sounds better in French than in English, so thank you very very much. David, Moroccan living in Paris, will be proud!!

Babak 23 Aug 2007, 20:56
really great!
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Babak, thank you

Sarina Gitoroemakso 23 Aug 2007, 21:02
wow this is great !
love it/...
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Sarina, you have some pretty amazing work yourself, welcome to Shutterchance

Rafael Chan 23 Aug 2007, 23:46
Compliments are easy to make when you deliver such HQ work wink

Patrick Krolis: Master Chan, I gratefully accept your compliments. Thank you very much.

José-Angel 26 Aug 2007, 13:02
Pienso como Michael, el brillo de los dedos de los pies, está demasiado acentuado y estorba a la buena composición de la imagen!

I think like Michael, the brightness of the toes, he is too marked and it hinders to the good composition of the image!
Patrick Krolis: Ok I shall try to reduce the brightness of the toes Jose, Muchas gracias!!!

latest comment
wale ajao from Nigeria 10 Sep 2007, 20:57
another option instead of reducing the brightness of the toes could be to a similar highlights (backlighting) to other parts of the body...the arms, and the knees...i kinda love the toes...can't we keep the toes?
Patrick Krolis: Of course we can keep the toes, was just planning to slighly reduce the highlight, recover a bit more detail, I think I can if I adjust my post processing a bit smile

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