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photoblog image Lindsay
Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 13 Aug 2007, 00:37
I am totally in love with this shot Patrick, I saw yesterdays but for one reason or another i did not feel it 100%, but this one, with the conversion to B&W the lighting, the look on her face, the whole of the word "ghetto" in the shot, this for me is truly an awesome awesome image.

You get an EXTREMELY rarely bestowed :"I LIKEY" from the Subster. The Subster duffs his virtual hat to you Sir Patrick
Patrick Krolis: I feel like I just won the Oscars, getting a LIKEY from the Subster, I am tempted to write my whole acceptance speech here, I would like to thank Gillian for her make up and styling, Fausto for helping me out with the light stretching his arm to the max, getting the SB800 in the position I wanted, Lindsay for the patience of waiting since January for her shoot, which was only shot 3 days before she left, thank my mother and my father for making me....uhhh, I think I should stop here, going overboard. Thanks Subster.

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 13 Aug 2007, 00:46
LOL, no tears?
Patrick Krolis: LOL, that when I realized I was going overboard :d

Marcys 13 Aug 2007, 01:01
beautiful, so full of melancholy
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the wonderful comment!!

Michael Rawluk 13 Aug 2007, 01:43
A beautiful look to the shot.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Micheal, thank you...

Fausto Fraser 13 Aug 2007, 02:02
You know what's so funny? Being able to be part of this shoot and the proud feeling that comes over me to see all the positive notes. This was one of the more relaxed shoots we had. The result of good teamwork. The mood was good and Lindsay was better! Your theory on the effect of the SB-800 came out perfect. Like the shadow on her face and the cracks n graffity on the mysterious wall.
I presume that this isn't the last we will see of The "Ghetto wall".
Patrick, i am looking forward for the next shoot.

ps: My version of Lindsay next week!
Patrick Krolis: Thanks for being part of it bro!! looking forward to your shot!!!

Kay 13 Aug 2007, 02:12
Good work, Patrick. The mood and the processing are very effective. smile
Patrick Krolis: hank you very much Kay, i am so glad you liked it too thanks!!!

Jos-Angel 13 Aug 2007, 02:34
Well, well, well, Patrick. Esto es muy bueno. Natural, fresco. Me gusta. Lindsay... tambien! wink
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jota-A, thank you very much, glad you liked her too :d

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 13 Aug 2007, 03:33
I LOVE this in B&W, Patrick. It really is very powerful!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Ginnie, I am so proud you LOVE it smile

BeakerSt from Shutterchance 13 Aug 2007, 07:47
Very very nice shot, lovely combination of elements
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Simon!!! I like your note on elements!!

Olayẹni 13 Aug 2007, 10:51
I know this is what you wanted to achieve but I would of prefered her a bit more lit...
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, pls help me out here, always trying to understand how my visitors perceive the image. Do you mean the shadows on her side or the overall lightness of the image?

ChaCha 13 Aug 2007, 13:03
This I really like. Like the treatment!
Patrick Krolis: I am so honored that you really like it, thank you so much!!!

mal 13 Aug 2007, 13:50
this is right up there with the best of impact photo's Patrick. This is great great work. mal
Patrick Krolis: as with my reply to Suby, I have to say, coming from you your comment feels like an Oscar nomination to me, Grazie, Thank You, Dank Je Wel, Muito Obrigado, Gracias. I am honored Mal!!

PitwallAntix from JHB, South Africa 13 Aug 2007, 19:12
What an exceptionally intriguing photograph with many emotions being provoked in the viewer. Exceptionally well captured! Elize :o)
Patrick Krolis: you are definitely too generous with your words, I feel like I am up walking on the clouds, even have doubts if I can post something else that evokes such nice compliments :d these are putting the bar up high high grin

sk 13 Aug 2007, 19:12
everything is on point here, composition, the mood, the background, the subject, thumbs up
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much, can't describe the feeling when so much of the community thinks you got something well executed, thank you very much for your words. Don't know if I should post something else now :d

rox 13 Aug 2007, 20:52
Patrick Krolis: [...I remain silent and let the word sink in...] thank you so much!!!

amintorres 13 Aug 2007, 21:27
smile dude, this rocks!
very nice moody light...
Patrick Krolis: thank you very very much, I really appreciate your visit and your compliment!!!!!

Petra from Netherlands 13 Aug 2007, 21:35
Great capture Patrick...you'v managed to create a terrific mood in this one...Love it!
Patrick Krolis: dank je wel Petra, Thank you very very much for the compliment, when one has something he likes and the rest of the community seems to agree with it, it gives such an accomplished feeling for the day...

blackdog 13 Aug 2007, 22:19
Great image Patrick - perfect composition and lighting. I like the "edge" to the picture given by the ambiguity of the pose and the shadows on the model create an nice air of mystery.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very very much, I am very satisfied with your comment, you make me feel like I really accomplished something here, Thank you so much!!

Martin 13 Aug 2007, 22:21
This is really good work!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Martin, I really appreciate the compliment, thanks for the visit and th comment!!

Babak 14 Aug 2007, 08:34
wow!really nice!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the compliment and the comment!!!

deji77 15 Aug 2007, 02:37
reall like this one. much better than yesterdays IMHO.
Patrick Krolis: I do agree that this is a much better one than yesterdays, actually this was the original concept, I had in mind when shooting, yesterdays was just a sidetrack shot during the shoot, you try different angles, and different light, different treatment, but in the end you know what you intended and this is it smile

Zebigleb 15 Aug 2007, 12:40
This one is perfect ! To my likeys !!!!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Zeb!!! I am honored that you included the image to your likeys!!! Thank you!!

Suzanne 19 Aug 2007, 04:52
Great shot, Patrick..this photo just begs to be in b&w..everything from the mood, the grittiness of the wall as does her body language and expression..wonderful work.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Suzanne, I am really glad you "feel" the photograph as well :d

Rafael Chan 27 Aug 2007, 18:09
Like this shot very much...the lightning, the implications made by the text on the wall, BnW, moody lightning from the side, great shot.
And the Oscar goes to..? Patrick Krolis!!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Rafael, very very much, coming from you this means a great deal to me smile

Dr A. W! from Nigeria 22 Oct 2007, 10:49
got here via a likey link by zebigleb
well done
Patrick Krolis: My thanks to Zeb, for guiding you to here smile I am glad you liked what you saw, thank you so much!!

joost from Rotterdam 24 Dec 2007, 09:28
Real fashion editorial vibe in this one!!! smile Merry Christmas and best of luck for 2008! Hope you'll have many more of nice pictures to follow!
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Joost!! I should make more of these smile

GillianCalor 8 Jan 2008, 01:37
Yes! I'm also very proud to have been a part of this photoshoot.
And Patrick, you forgot to thank God !!
Patrick Krolis: But of course!! Thank God, for such wonderful friends, and for such a wonderful gift!! Looking to do a lot more work with you Gillian!!!

latest comment
edson from Netherlands 12 Jan 2008, 15:33
i like this piece of art patrick...is this surinam??? could have fooled me..very good capturing the expression,lighting and especially the B&W does it for this shot...great going man
Patrick Krolis: Yes Edson this is Suriname!! Actually not to far from my house!! there is so much beautiful places in our direct surroundings, yet sometimes we don't see them, the challenge is to see and to isolate and to get the image you imagine from the location!!

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