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photoblog image Roxanne

Model Credit: roxanne from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

This is the wonderful Roxanne, one of the models I have been admiring since the Atelier Dore show, of which I have several images posted on my blog. I hadn't posted any images of Roxanne, because I knew that what I shot during the show wouldn't do her justice. We had a very exciting shoot last Saturday, and will have a few more.

The shoot was very much fun, Fausto was assisting me and shooting in between, learning my tricks of the trade, he also did some wonderful shots, which soon will surface on his blog (http://faustography.shutterchance.com).

Lately some more Surinamese photographers have joined the shutterchance community, I love this development and encourage them to join me to show the beauty of Suriname in its different forms. Yet for the next few days I am totally focused on Roxanne, enjoy with me!!!

PS. Jide mentioned it a few days ago, it is lonely in photoblog land if you don't leave comments, so feel free to comment!!!!


johnnyg 21 Jul 2007, 00:21
I can see why you would want to do a full shoot with her, she's absolutely lovely. Her eyes are so piercing and this might be the first shot I've seen on the 'chance where I really love seeing a hand in a shot, it helps to add atmosphere. Nice one bro.

Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the wonderful comment Bro!! Actually we did a 6 hour shoot already, this was just the last shot from the first series smile, we'll be sharing more hopefully soon. When we had the premeeting I showed her my upcoming slogan for my website "be your own Art" and she loved it soo much that we did a full shoot, we'll be doing one more shoot since it really clicked, she is such a wonderful model to work with and has so many ideas, what nicer to have a model with looks, brains and the will to be her own Art!!!

Fausto from Plutostraat 21 Jul 2007, 07:41
First of all I really must thank you again for giving me this educational and exciting lifetime oppertunity. After all it is not everyday a rookie gets a chance like this.
Even after the review we had after the shoot i still can't get my eyes of this picture in perticular. Besides the fact that Roxanne is really really her own art, the way she looks, her beautiful eyes and most important her spontanious great personality in combination with her professionalism, you accomplished to present all that in this picture.
I am not exaggerating because I am still looking through my collection of this series and i'm sure it will take a long time for me to make a decision. Looking forward for the next shoot my friend.

And Roxanne...thanks a million! For making the shoot comfortable and flexible by being so self-confident. Without that this picture would not be possible.
Patrick, my excuses for the long comment. You know how excited i can get and i needed to let part of it out. And the look in her eyes hypnotized me. Good choice!
Patrick Krolis: you said it all dude!! Did you enjoy the second shoot too? smile

Ginnie from Atlanta, GA, United States 21 Jul 2007, 09:53
This really is lovely, Patrick. I really like your phrase "be your own art!" That's really catchy!!

And I like that you are instrumental in bringing more of Suriname into SC. Keep them coming (your pics as well!).
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Ginnie!! I really want more people to be their own Art smile I hope even more Surinamese photographers will join Shutterchance and start photo blogging, that way you all get to see more of this wonderful country!!

Suby 21 Jul 2007, 13:17
Lovely shot Patrick and welcome back. She definitely looks wonderful & I would love to photograph her to :d

Good lighting
Patrick Krolis: thank you Suby!! I would love the idea of you photographing her as well, but since we don't do remote photography, either you or she will have to travel for that smile I'll give you a hint when she passes through Amsterdam, maybe you guys can arrange something then :d, thanks for the lighting compliment too, classical setup used here.

mal 21 Jul 2007, 16:24
this is one beautiful lady and a beautiful image Patrick, very very good work. mal
Patrick Krolis: thank you Mal, I am sure she is reading the comments at this very moment too wink thank you very much for the compliment

Rafael Chan from Paramaribo, Suriname 21 Jul 2007, 20:04
Complementary soft effect, the lovely framing and a very unique model all combined into one great photo. Nice work Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Rafael, Thank you for the compliment!! The model is indeed very unique and wonderful to work with!!

Dudee from Purwokerto-Indonesia 22 Jul 2007, 08:43
Lovely shot! wonderfull composition here wink i agree too with Mal.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Dudee, haven't "seen" you in a long time, welcome back wink thank you very much for the compliment!!

blackdog from In Bath on dial up 23 Jul 2007, 22:09
Hi Patrick - This is indeed a beautiful model, superbly lit and crisply photographed - yet the thing that catches my eye is the hand and in particular the fingernails. Everything about the shot says she would have long nails, but they are short and it is that and the fact that they are black and harmonise with the hair and eyes that for me makes the shot interesting. So you probably think I am mad! But no I just have a different concept of a good photograph. All the best Mike.
Patrick Krolis: Hey blackdog, I find it very interesting you should comment on the nails,actually last saturday I had another shoot with Roxanne, and I presented her the A4 print of this image as a gift, and while she was stunned herself, we had a long discussion exaclty about the hand and the fingernails :d so No I don't think you are mad.

Suzanne 23 Jul 2007, 22:33
I agree with blackdog...her nails really have an impact in the photograph..like exclamations points to her intense gaze...Wonderful shot and lighting as usual, Patrick!
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Suzanne, I just commented to balckdog that when I presented the print to Roxanne last saturday before our second shoot, we had a lenghty discussion about the effect of the hand and the fingernails :d

Rafael Chan from Paramaribo, Suriname 24 Jul 2007, 05:45
Keep coming back to view this piece of art..
Excellent job, can't get enough of it!

Fausto introduced me to Roxanne a couple of days ago and she
told me she had been photographed by a lot of photographers.
Of course this photograph is her all time favorite & her best photograph ever made!!!

Admiring your work again smile

Patrick Krolis: Thank you again Rafael, glad you met Roxanne, she is one of the best models to work with. It is true that almost every photography name in Suriname tried to capture her. And quite a lot of photogrpahers during the Jamaica fashion week as well. I would hope to photograph her when she is on an international assigment again.

PhotoSam from London, U.K. 24 Jul 2007, 14:28
intense stare from one of ur most beautiful models, lovely...
Patrick Krolis: thank you very very much for the compliment!! Roxanne is beautiful indeed and very very good to work with!!

Zebigleb 24 Jul 2007, 18:33
Wow - Wonderful eyes and very nice shot - Standing ovation !!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, it is an honour to receive those words from you, thank you again...

Josť-Angel 24 Jul 2007, 20:55
Me gusta como has tratado la foto. La cara y la mano son bien enfocadas y dejan el resto en desenfoque. Buen retrato!
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jose-Angel!! Muchas Gracias!!

roxanne, the one in the picture 24 Jul 2007, 22:05
Hi there,
Thank u, Thank u, Thank u to everyone for your inspirational comments.
It is very exiting working with Patrick and Fousto.
I just love digitally freezing these images for you to enjoy with me and having a most wonderfull feetback! This team has a lot more in store for u to see... Just keep looking

Thanks once again, bye!
Patrick Krolis: smile we'll be showing them a lot more :d you bet, working on the next one, Yeah Baby!!

Lizzie_ K 25 Jul 2007, 01:06
Patrick Krolis: Absolutely honored Lizzie, thank you for the compliment!!

Suby & Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 25 Jul 2007, 11:45
Need a new image Patrick

Patrick Krolis: Sure do Bro!! Working on it this afternoon, selected the photograph already, just need to do the PP.

was just enjoying all those wonderful comments on this one :d

Dotun Ayodeji 25 Jul 2007, 13:33
this is stunning, I love this.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you Dotun!! Thank you very much, I am glad you liked this!!

nev from Australia 30 Jul 2007, 10:35
Wonderful work. the lighting is just right. i always love the brown tones out of the nikons. If they only gave a glimmer of hope about full sized sensors.
Patrick Krolis: now that would be really something a full size sensor!!, thanks nev!!

chunter from Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK. 31 Jul 2007, 14:48
This is wonderful. Expression, pose, composition and model - perfect.

I think the lighting on her face is just a little bit too strong, though, and could have been held back a bit. There are also some skin blemishes (freckles? moles?) that are masquerading as dust spots on the sensor (or vice versa). Removal of these distractions would make the whole image even more appealing than it already is.

Fine work.
Patrick Krolis: thanks Colin, thanks for commenting, which skin blemishes/moles/dustspots are you referring to? I am a bit in doubt, pls help me out. with regard to the light, yes I choose for it to come out like this, it is a deliberate amount of light. by design and not by default smile

Olayẹni 10 Aug 2007, 11:10
nicely done
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much for the compliment!!

Olayẹni 10 Aug 2007, 11:11
not sure about the lighting on the face though
Patrick Krolis: having second thoughts smile I love the effect myself, but some think it is too light, other like it this way, it's all in the eye of the beholder I guess, thanks for commenting!!!

latest comment
Dr A. W! from Nigeria 24 Aug 2008, 14:46
brilliant lighting (even on the face too) and composition

i'm sure you overdid the skin smoothening on purpose cos it adds to the soft feel
Patrick Krolis: you got it right!! glad you like it!!!

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