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photoblog image Chanaz

This is a B\W version of the work I posted yesterday Suby suggested a B\W conversion, I opted for a grainy feel, not sure wether  like it or not, you tell me!! Toorrow I'll post a sepia version which I think I prefer.

With Suby and Sinem teaching us masterclass these days, i'd better follow their suggestions ;)

Suby from MK, United Kingdom 21 Jun 2007, 00:15
Looks better in B&W in my opinion,

Okay for me the main thing for me in any picture now is LIGHTING. On any shot you take during any session, one should know exactly what the end result is intended to be, this determines how one lights up the subject or object. Lighting can make your subject appear harsh or soft, warm or cold, B&W image or colour image, it is up to the photographer to decide hopw all the factors of the shoot will affect his image, thjen he or she can start to capture the images.

Question, when you captured this image, what was the intention, what did you see in your minds eyes as the finished result was going to look like?

Patrick Krolis: Of course you are right Suby!!! For me the main thing in the bodyNsoul photography always is lighting as well. On this particular image I had the lighting in mind, but was actually not ready to shoot what I wanted to shoot for that shoot. The model indicated that this was her first serious photo shoot and I was just in the process of warming up myself and getting the model at ease smile So while I had set up the lights with a certain end result in mind, the model was not quite ready, then after a few shots all of a sudden she struck this pose, and I said "hey, keep it like this, don't move!" smile. I must admit that the more I look to this version the more I like it, but the original intention of the shoot was to achieve this feeling in color, since I wanted to produce an image during this shoot for the portfolio of the makeup artist too, and she wanted natural colors.

So to answer your question, this is the kind of mood I was looking at, but then in color, so I'll PP the color shot to tweak it a bit to get this feeling!!

bridge 21 Jun 2007, 00:43
Also lovely Patrick but I prefer the colour because it's warmer and softer. This is more dramatic which I suppose also works. Await the sepia...
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much bridge!! As I just explained to Suby, this is actually the mood I was looking for but then in color, so I'll try to PP the previous post to get this feeling smile

Neil Tandy from Johannesburg, South Africa 21 Jun 2007, 12:55
Very well converted Patrick. In agreement with Suby, I often take photos knowing what I want the end result to be and sometimes I don't get that in camera. These days though, I know that I don't need to ditch the shot, because I can use PP to get it how I did want it, but it is also nice to be able to change one's mind about the final result, or even do more versions to suit. Oh, the wonders of the digital age!!smile Many kind regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Neil, haven't "seen you in a while!!! I do agree with you both as well, with the end in mind is the way to go, and lighting is a very important part of it, I guess this is a case where I do agree with you, that while this image presents the mood I was looking for, I did not get the end result in camera. I wanted this mod, but then in color, so I'll PP my way to it, yes yes, the wonders of the digital age, 30 years ago I would spend a few days in the darkroom to try and get closer to the end result in mind :d

Anup Payyakkil 21 Jun 2007, 13:20
The details in yesterday's shot are missing in this. I like yesterday's version
Patrick Krolis: Hey Anup, thank you very much for the comment!! I just noticed that the longer I look to this version the more I like it, and since I had a color version of this in mind, I'll try to achieve this mood with PP on the colored version, tonight however the sepia version which I did yesterday will show up.

Mal 22 Jun 2007, 22:34
this is the one for me Patrick, I like the more ethereal/soft feel, perfect in my book. mal
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Mal, I think this one has a certain feel to it, maybe I should soften it a bit more though...

deji77 22 Jun 2007, 22:39
Hi Patrick.

Of the 3 I prefer this one best, I guess because of the toning: suits the subject matter best for me. However, compared with yesterday's a lot of the highlights in her hair are missing and the big black hole in her mid-section is a bit disconcerting. Probably, other areas would be also affected as well but that is what I immediately noticed.

Otherwise lovely use of light and good pose captured.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much!!! I must admit, that the dark sections got a bit darker on this one, but then again at least on my calibrated desktop screen I can still see the details (if I look very good smile)

Zebigleb 26 Jun 2007, 23:38
Like very much this B&W I think it's the best of the tree pictures in my subjective point of view !
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much I am glad you liked it, BW has a kind of magic to it...

latest comment
ChaCha 28 Sep 2007, 01:15
Like this one
Patrick Krolis: pure balck and white did it for you then smile

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