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photoblog image Lindsay
From the same headshot and bodyshot shoot as the previous images, here is the beautiful Lindsay, she is also feautered earlier on the blog, with Lindsay I also have a portfolio appointment that should be any where this month, keep on the look for the images :)
johnnyg 12 Jun 2007, 00:12
Ok how do you do it ? , you've managed to get them both to have the same expression. What do you say as all I seem to do is make people laugh. She has great eyes and I really love the comp, as I don't feel you've cropped this. Patrick is that a soft box you've used for flash or is the light on a tripod to her right. In any event I like this and I'm glad you didn't clone out her blemishies or freckles.
Patrick Krolis: now you make me smile smile How I get them to have this same serious expression, I just ask them, and then keep on shooting, even if they would laugh at first, eventually they will have a more serious expression. You are right I did not crop this on the computer, this is how I shot it with the 85mm, standing about 1 meter from her. For lighting I used 2 flashes with white umbrellas. bot are at 45 degree aove the model, one a bit farther down then the other, the closer one at aproximately 45 degrees to her left at 1.5 metersand the other one at appoximately 2.5 meters at 30 degrees to her right.
I used this setup and a white background because I wanted soft and even light for the headshots.Normally I like extreme light, this time I needed soft and even, little or no shadows, as I wanted the headshots to show the people as they are.

Ellie 12 Jun 2007, 23:59
That's nice, and she looks to be a good model too
Patrick Krolis: yes she is an excelent model and you will see that too. smile thanks for dropping in

Anup Payyakkil 15 Jun 2007, 12:41
If looks could kill......
Patrick Krolis: Lindsay is a wonderful multi-talented model smile she will rock the camera when we have the shoot!!

Zebigleb 20 Jun 2007, 19:38
Beautiful portrait - Bravo !!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, the shot was just intended to produce a simple headshot, so I could submit it to a advertising client, very minimal make-up and a very straght forward lighting setup were used, Lindsay is just such a fantastic model...

marielle 2 Aug 2007, 21:26
That's my girllll!!!!!! grin
She's born 2 B a model !!!
En met u erbij (Mnr. Krolis) als fotograaf...PERFECT
Begeleid u haar goed hoor !! grin
U guys make a great team!,

Patrick Krolis: hey hey hey Jelle, thank you sooo much for commenting, finally you came to the site (or is it only now that you left a comment smile) Lindsay is great indeed, a wonderful person, smart, fast and beautiful, we are having a shoot this Saturday, doing indoor beauty shots and outdoor fashion shots, I am looking forward to it. And of course I am looking forward to shoot you too when you are in Suriname

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sjauny 10 Aug 2007, 00:45
dear patrick, your photographs show a sight of my little sis i haven't seen before, i like it very much!!!! i hope you will work with her some more when she goes back on holiday, or maybe when you are in the netherlands?!?
Patrick Krolis: I sure will work more with her, your sister is absolutely fantastic, it is a pity that we only started shooting now that she went for studies, I am sure she can and will do great in photography world, and I sure hope that I will have a part of that. I am really looking forward working more with her, you take good care of her!!!

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