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photoblog image Jordana
I had a long (10h) improvised shooting day on Saturday, as a potential client was asking for fresh models. Since most of the candidates didn't have formal portfolio's I had to shoot over 34 people trying to get a reasonable head shot and a full body shot. With some it went so so, with others I think I got good results for the improvisation from both sides (the subjects and the photographer) .

This is one of the most successful head shots of the day, my friend Jordana, in the second trial of the day, went all out, and got remarkably at ease with the improvisation and all the people hanging around for their shot.

Jordana and I have a long standing appointment to do a full shoot, which has been canceled several times due to various circumstances. Now our determination to do the shoot is renewed, so soon we should be able to post some magnificent material.

You knwo the nicest thing of all, we have our birthday at the very same day, mine only happened a "few" years earlier.
johnnyg 6 Jun 2007, 00:15
Lovely, I can't wait to see the results my friend. I think I might steal this idea from you, I like the idea of shooting from above. When you do these Patrick do you work with a makeup artist or rely on the subject ( model ) to do it herself ? You'll see why I asked over the next two days. I need to know if I now need to find someone to do makeup for me.
Patrick Krolis: Feel free Johnny, you know that I believe that we all should get inspired by each other. With regard to the make-up artist I work sometimes with a make-up artist, sometimes the model does something, sometimes I do it naturally (without make-up). I am currently doing a project with s make-up artist and a hairdresser to do portfolio shoots for the photographer (me) the make-up artist, the hairdresser and the model. These shoots will be on a TFP basis so we all gain both experience and hopefully beautiful portfolio shots

johnnyg 6 Jun 2007, 00:16
Almost forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
Patrick Krolis: smile thank you very much Johnny you are either very early or very late, the birthday date is in November smile

latest comment
Anup Payyakkil 15 Jun 2007, 12:41
Nice one. The angle makes it special
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Anup, I love the angle too wink

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