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photoblog image Atelier Dore 1 - Original

Model Credit: gloriadubois from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

This is the original image from my first post  here on Shutterchance. I have a shoot planned with the model one of these days, probably in June. While chatting with her yesterday over MSN, I send her this image, for her collection, and then thought it would be nice posting this version on SC too.

I am looking forward to the shoot with Gloria.

With regards to my internet connection, it seems like the cable mentioned in previous posts is still not functioning a full 100% with frequent set backs in internet connectivity for the people of Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana, so I will be on and off for a while I guess.

This is the main reason why I did not react as yet to Ellie's post on her blog "BLUE". I fully support Elie and think she wrote down the most sensible comment on the issue ever published on Shutterchance.

johnnyg 25 May 2007, 10:38
I really like this version Patrick as it lets me see the real overall effect the lighting has on it. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement yesterday, it's hard to know if your going in the right direction without comments from another who has been there and mastered it. It's my hope to create a mobile studio so your right lighting is very high on my list of things to learn. Again I thank you and Johann for showing us the way.

One final question if I may, the models makeup is perfect, does she do it herself, do you hire a makeup artist or do you make them up yourself ?

Patrick Krolis: thanks for your comment Johnny, with regard to the makeup, in this image it has been done by a make-up artist, Rachel Rodriguez, who happens to also be a friend of mine (there is a photograph of her somewhere in my archives here on shutter). In most of my other older shots, make-up was done by my now EX-wife, who had a good hand for make-up, I have been tempted to learn to apply make-up myself, but while I have been very close in trying, I never actually made the final step. I think I still should consider it. And yes sometimes the model does her own make-up. A while ago I tried photoshop make up, but I haven't produced anything satisfactory with that as yet. I recently came across a post fro Alakija, where I think he actually succeeded in doing something very similar.

Make-up as posing and lighting can open up a whole new chapter in portrait photography. but you don't need to go too technical from the start. important to realize that it helps if you know you are going to convert the final work to b/w or leave it in color. in the first instance, you then only have to think of the b/w tones a certain make up will produce, in the latter, the make-up colors have to be good too smile

Suby 25 May 2007, 12:18
I like this version to, lovely as always Patrick smile

Patrick Krolis: thanks bro!!!

Ellie 27 May 2007, 00:43
I'm not sure which of the two I prefer, although I think in this colour version the background is a little distracting.


I'm glad I stopped to read as well as look. There really was no expectation for anybody to comment on my piece, so please don't feel the need to apologise or explain.
I was so surprised that anybody said anything at all, I actually thought I'd end up being almost ostracised because I was being so forthright. I wrote it down because it wasn't until I started thinking that I realised just how strongly I felt, and then I just had to 'let it all out' so to speak. I speak not only for myself but also for my family, who can't honestly see what all the fuss is about .. pictures don't bite! wink
Patrick Krolis: I prefer the monochrome version much more myself.

With regards to the discussion, I admire you for your ability to put the exact issue in such precise words, you are truly amazing!!! From one perspective I am glad this has happened, it gives us the opportunity to become more than mere "uploaders" of images, I hope this will let us become more of a real community. From the other side, I still have to get a bit over it and start posting normally.

Anup Payyakkil 29 May 2007, 13:04
Nice shot
Patrick Krolis: Thank you Anup, I am sure Gloria is happy with your compliment as well smile

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Sandu L... 2 Jul 2007, 11:34
wow i really like this shot..the expression..and the colors too!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comment and the compliment Sandu, I am sure Gloria, the model will enjoy your comment too smile

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