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photoblog image Sad Centennial
Shutterchance is out of beta mode and into pro mode. That means that we all have to pay to get the premium features we have been enjoying for free during the beta period. I am more than willing to pay my share, but I can't.

I believe this is a wonderful community and I enjoy posting my work on this website. I think the team at Shutterchance has done a wonderful job in creating an environment where everybody is free to express himself and for the whole world to enjoy it.

So now back to the payment, as most now know, I live in Suriname and because of that I can't pay for the service. Yes you are right, PayPal the service chosen by the SC team for handling of payments, does not allow Surinamese residents to use their system. How much more third world can I feel than that.

The SC team is looking for a solution, and I'll probably end up sending them the money by wire or any other service, or ask somebody to pay in cash (that would be a real third world solution)

Until then, I have no access to such goodies as:

•unlimited storage space to upload and keep my photos and corresponding comments
•copyright protection through watermarking of images
•optional sharpening of image
•graphical buddies list shortcut

I love the community, but for now I am disabled for living in the Third World. So much for globalization.

Meanwhile I'll be posting my best work (which will not be available in the archives anymore) on bodynsoul.aminus3.com and on www.onexposure.net/index.php?action=profile&user=763, I will be working on my website as well, but I'll let you know when it makes sense to go to bodynsoulphotography.com again

Looking forward to come back here


PS. I am very sad I will loose all the wonderful comments made by all of you, thank you so much for the support over the last 5 months!!! This is the greatest photoblogging community out here.

Jos-Angel 1 May 2007, 02:16
Hola Patrick, curiosa manera de No celebrar tus 100 primeras fotografías en Shutterchance. Yo si quiero celebrarlas y te felicito por ellas. Por los ratos buenos que he pasado viendo tus fotos y comentándolas. Por los ratos buenos que he pasado leyendo tus respuestas a los comentarios, siempre con grandes explicaciones. No he gozado tanto de tus visitas a mi archivo, que han sido escasas, pero bueno, eso no es importante... De todas formas, donde lleves tu trabajo y si es en Shutterchance, mejor, espero seguir disfrutando. Un saludo amigo de Suriname

Hello Patrick, peculiar way of not celebrating your 100 first photographies in Shutterchance. I if I want to celebrate them and congratulate you by them. For the good short whiles that I have happened seeing your photos and commenting them. For the good short whiles that I have happened reading your answers to the commentaries, always with great explanations. I have not enjoyed so much from your visits to my file, that have been little, but good, that is not important… In any case, where you take your work and if it is in Shutterchance, better, I hope to continue enjoying. A greeting friend of Suriname
Patrick Krolis: gracias Jose, the Shutterchance team has found a temporary solution so I'll be posting very soon again and more importantly I'll still have all my wonderful comments!!!

atunbi - Londn Photgrapher. 1 May 2007, 07:50
haaaaa, never mind am sure something will be worked out soon enough. Shutterchance does however have to start charging to pay for the hugh hosting bill amongst others they get every month. Good luck bodyn soul
Patrick Krolis: yes you are right, of course they need to pay for the bill and I will be more than happy to contribute, this is such a wonderful site, And yes you are also right they have found a temporary solution already, a permanent one is in the making smile

pixelpixie 1 May 2007, 08:48
It must be infuriating and I'm sure Shutterchance will sort something soon but it doesn't hurt to remind this western world how easy we have it. Congratualations on the 99 plus one!
Patrick Krolis: thank you on the congrats, and yes the Shutter team has found a temporary solution already, what a wonderful team and a wonderful community!!! sometimes, just sometimes it is a very sad realisation of how the world is still divided smile

Zebigleb 1 May 2007, 11:15
A sad 100th - But i'm sure Shutterchance team is going to find the solution : See you again Surinam !!
Patrick Krolis: yes they have found a temporary solution, what a wonderful world, I am all happy again, you can be sure that 101 will be a happy one smile

urban8 from Stoke-on-Trent 1 May 2007, 17:34
Congratulations on reaching your century, and here's hoping that SC will quickly sort out your unfortunate situation. And PayPal soon after that too - surely they want the whole world buying & selling on ebay?!?!
Patrick Krolis: in the end it is all a numbers game for eBay I guess, but then again the Shutterchance team is truly wonderful, they have found a temporary solution and are working on a permanent one already smile

chris p 1 May 2007, 17:43
Hope it gets sorted soon Patrick; well done on the 100 posts.
Patrick Krolis: thank you for the congrats, can you believe how wonderful this Shutterchance team is, they actually found a temporary solution and are already working on a permanent one, isn't that just fantastic!!! smile

sk 1 May 2007, 22:49
so sorry mate i'm sure the SC boys will sort u out
Patrick Krolis: hey hey, those guys are THA BOMB, they have already found a temporary solution and are looking at a more permanent one, all ahppy right now!!! smile

Ellie 1 May 2007, 23:49
I hope things get sorted out for you Patrick. I thought John had said in the forum that those people outside the Paypal zone were having the 'trial' extended until alternative ways of paying can be sorted out.

If there's any way I can help, using mail and so on, please let me know.

And congratulations on your hundredth smile
Patrick Krolis: Yes Yes Yes Ellie, I just read the forums and YES smile I am so happy, thanks for the congrats, and thank you endlessly for your support and offer to help, I understand the Team is already working on a more permanent solution aren't these guys just fabulous? However if I need any help mail or so I will remember your offer, of course we all want to keep this community growing and going, so I really want to pay my share too. I am sooo happy again smile

mal 2 May 2007, 00:07
many congrats on the landmark Patrick, just sorry that we will have to wait for 101!

all the best
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Mal, 101 might be sooner than I thought, the Shutterchance team has already found a temporary solution, and are already working on a more permanent one, fantastic!!! smile

Anup Payyakkil from India 3 May 2007, 08:17
Just waiting for your next post....
Patrick Krolis: Will post soon Anup, thank you very very much for the support smile

Suzanne 5 May 2007, 03:34
oh Patrick! so sad about losing all the feedback you have been receiving but I am sure this can be sorted out. Congratulations on an amazing body of work and so looking forward to more. smile
Patrick Krolis: Yes Suzanna, the Shutterchance team found a temporary solution and is already working on a more permanent one, I am oh so happy smile

latest comment
Evi 17 Jun 2007, 16:49
I still be watching your work everywhere, it doesn't matter the place, the only thing it matters is the inspiration and the expression of the feelings, so keep it up smile
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Evi, your work continues to be phenomenal!!

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