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photoblog image Fernandes Limonade
Straight out of the camera. I was present during a commercial shoot for Fernandes Limonade (a carbonated softdrink originally from Suriname) for the campaign in the Netherlands. At the time I was the President of the Fernandes Bottling Company in Suriname. So I could afford to ask the production crew to particpate in the shoot :) I did. This is one of my shots that look very similar to one of the shots actually used . The official photogrpaher was using a Canon Mark 1 thing and I was so impressed by his camera compared to my humble Olympus, that it was right there where I decided to go back to the SLR's which I had forgotten since my analogue time.

I ultimately had to decide between the CANON 5D and the NIKON D200. I choose the NIKON in the end.

I was looking for the link of the similar photograph but can't find it now, seems like  that part of  the campaign is over...

PS. this is post 99 :d
johnnyg 27 Apr 2007, 00:42
Do you have something special in mind my friend for the big 100 ? Now just a question for you, why did you choose the Nikon over the Canon ? Oh by the way I kinda like this as it shows the drink, the mp3 player almost and of course promoting Suriname.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Johnny, I like this alos because I proposed this shot smile and yes it promotes a hip mp3 player, the (hip) drink and a (hip) country. Suriname is "in" in the Netherlands, we have been a colony for 300 years until 1975, but only now there is a true interest in the exotic Surinamese things smile

With regard to the Canon vs Nikon, to be honest as the Canon came out earlier than the Nikon I actually held one in my hand in a store while visiting the US. The price was well over US$ 3000, so like with so many things I decided to think it over for a few days. Then for the rest of my stay I had a very busy business schedule and finally I had to return to Suriname. By that time the Nikon D200 came out, and I was in Suriname so i had to either travel to buy the camera or buy it over the internet. When my brother in law came over from London, the obvious choice was to get him to get me one of the first D200 available on the Dutch Schiphol airport.

Just went like that. I have a few Canon lenses from my analogue era, but they are dusty with fingi growing over the glass anyhow, so from that perspective I might as well buy Nikon over Canon. On the other hand the Nikon was half the prize and I thought of getting myself quite some lensen for the 1600 remaining dollars smile

For the big 100, well still in doubt....

Layeni 27 Apr 2007, 02:24
I will love to visit suriname one day....Great shot a wonderful break from the norm
Patrick Krolis: Thank you for the compliment!! Whenever in Suriname or planning to be, just give me a shout!!

Anup Payyakkil from India 27 Apr 2007, 05:40
Lovely shot. Nice timing and wonderful colours
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the compliment!!!

pixelpixie 27 Apr 2007, 13:16
Until I started visiting your blog, I had never heard of Suriname!! Where are you on the Map?

When you can take a photograph that is of a set for a casual, natural image and you pull it off like this one, that to me is confirmation of an excellent photographer.
Patrick Krolis: smile Suriname, on the north east coast of South America, north of Brazil, South of the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea, west of French Guyana and east of Guyana, one of the 13 countries on the South American continent, but considered for it's history way more a Caribbean country. In our history we have been colonized by the English and the Dutch, with the latter having the turn the last 300 years, until 1975. That is why we speak Dutch. Sir Walter Raleigh is among the first to set foot in Suriname.

Another interesting note is that somewhere in history the Dutch and the English traded colonies after one of the famous wars between them. Suriname was traded by the English in return for New Amsterdam (currently known as New York!!!). The Dutch at the time figured out that a colony producing sugar, coffee etc was much more worth than a barren rock with an Amer-Indian trading post as the island of Manhattan must have been at the time...


Thank you so much for the compliment!

PS. Thank you very much for the support on the forums with regard to nude photography

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Josť-Angel 28 Apr 2007, 01:40
Bueno Patrick, creo que la historia interesante es saber con que eres capaz de sorprendernos para estos 100 primeros postes!! Esperamos ansiosos tu idea !

Good Patrick, I believe that interesting history is to know whereupon you are able to surprise us for these 100 first posts! We waited for anxious your idea!
Patrick Krolis: I myself am still thinking of what to post...

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