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photoblog image First Round And Round Experiment
I normally post work I am at least a bit happy with, for todays post, I am submitting work I am actually NOT happy with. This was my first concept for the popular Round and Round image which I posted at http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/43010.htm

When I analysed this I noticed how much off the original idea I was, I thought I got the angle right, but the models were too different in form, the skins looked dull as I shot this and the white background did definitely not do it for me.

The next time I shot this it actually became the better picture at http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/43010.htm
London photographer 26 Apr 2007, 00:33
the woman on the bottom left has some serious curves men.
Patrick Krolis: smile yep she has, but then again as an artistic photo this one doesn't work. This was my first attempt at the concept, which I later succeeded in and posted on January 2, 2007. (See my archives) when I shot this I was all of a sudden fully aware that I needed to find similar forms among my models smile

johnnyg 26 Apr 2007, 00:52
I see what you mean Patrick, this does not work for me on any level unlike 99% of the rest of your work. A black background would have help more especially as your a master at lighting and I do think a model change would be needed as well. But that's me.
Patrick Krolis: Of course you agree Johnny, this doesn't work any way for me too: the white, the forms, the light, the models etc etc

that is why I insisted in getting it right resulting in jthe January 2, 2007 post here on shutter smile

adebanji alabi 26 Apr 2007, 01:31
buttoms up!
Patrick Krolis: yep the one of january 2, 2007 where you amde the same comment, was a lot better, this one I did some time before that, in search of the right thing smile, but I thought it would be nice to show especially photographers that need some courage, that good photogrpahy is the result of hard work, you don't have to get it right the first time, when you are being creative. smile

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 26 Apr 2007, 03:16
No likey, will comment more when I wake up :d

Patrick Krolis: Me No likey too :d

Anup Payyakkil from India 26 Apr 2007, 05:46
I think the second attempt was better. This looks a bit dull to me.
Patrick Krolis: This one definitely looks wrong :d

adebanji alabi 26 Apr 2007, 06:09
picture looks like a potential 2 live crew album cover.
i prefer the 2/1/07 pic
Patrick Krolis: yes I prefer the other much more too :d now tell me about 2 live crew... Layeni seems to think you don't know too much about them in the next comment wink

Layeni 26 Apr 2007, 13:17
hmmm Adebanji what do you know about 2 live crew ooo
Patrick Krolis: Good question, so I asked him too wink to be really honest, even I don't know too much about them smile

adebanji alabi 26 Apr 2007, 19:58
what do i know about 2 live crew?
well they were "banned in the USA" for starters.
One of the first hardcore rap groups i ever heard.
For more info,pls google or wiki them
Patrick Krolis: yep, I read the Wiki about them after my last reply, rememeber them from the 80's smile

latest comment
Miguel Servellon 11 May 2007, 23:13
It is a wonderful photography, congratulations
Patrick Krolis: I myself like the other one in my archives a lot better, thanks for the comment and the compliment, take a look in the archives, there is a similar photograph on a black background

must fill in
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