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photoblog image Michelle Ma Belle
Tried some crosspocessing here, wanted to get a 60's feel, let me know what you think
adebanji alabi 17 Apr 2007, 01:30
there is a Harold Robbins look to this picture,which works for me
a retro feel to it,i agree.
nicely done
Patrick Krolis: Hey hey, You are right, it is more 80's Harold Robbins then anything else, I used to read quite a few of his books as my sister had them all, maybe that is where the inspiration came from in my subconsciousness smile thanks for liking it wink

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 17 Apr 2007, 08:02
I am liking the attitude that has been captured in this shot. Well done

Patrick Krolis: smile not my typical shot, at least you liked the attitude smile that is something to work from wink Actually I do believe that photographers should do the thing they are good at. But then again, this is such a fabulous community to try and explore new horizons, I really appreciate the feedback

johnnyg 17 Apr 2007, 10:02
I'm not getting the 60's feel that you were trying for. I undersatnd the whicker chair and the beaded necklace but that's it. The jeans, her shirt and her expression are all wrong for that era as I'm sure some of the others will tell you that lived through that time as did you if I'm not mistaken. As an image I do like it but I also don't think it comes anywhere near what you produce on a daily basis.

As your one of my favorite photographers along with Johann I hope I can say what I have without any offense taken.

Patrick Krolis: Johnny you are one of my favorite viewers/fans :d really really appreciate your honesty. this is the reason why I post on Shutter, I like it when people like my work, but I also appreciate it as much when people that are honest with me feel free to tell me when I went off road with my experiment. You are right, Adebanji and Suby put it very politically correct, nice attitude, but definitely not 60's, more 80's Harold Robbins feel smile I should not try things like this gringrin then again, this community at Shutterchance is so wonderful I really like to share the good and the bad smile

Evi 17 Apr 2007, 22:24
I like it!
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much!!!

Carl Kirstein 18 Apr 2007, 06:14
This image has a Rage or Diesel look and feel to it, which is more tweenies than 60s. Perhaps a bright red bandanna or head band with yellow flowers will add to the feel of the 60s. Remember it was an era of flower power, tie dies and free love. Her look is more reminicent of the late 70s (or new millenium) where people were take themselves very seriously... perhaps a natural expression of glee will be more fitting?

the top of her head being cropped off is a bit annoying, but the rest of the image is very well composed. It is contained without being cramped
Patrick Krolis: Yep, I agree, I totally missed the point here smile, thanks for the comment, the visit and the compliment on the rest of the image wink
hmmm, Diesel sounds good doesn't it?

Abi 18 Apr 2007, 10:55
nicely framed, but can do with a punchy contrast
Patrick Krolis: thanks for the comment, it seems like people like this imag, but do certainly not agree with my retro idea smile glad you like the image itself.

latest comment
Ellie 18 Apr 2007, 23:56
Wrong make up for the sixties! wink I'm not too sure either about the overexposed shirt, it looks flat. Not altogether sure about the rumpled fabric in the background either, it looks a bit messy.
But hey, she's pretty smile
Patrick Krolis: Yep, you caught me redhanded too, my image is definitely not 60's smile the crossprocessing overexposed the shirt, I'll go back to the RAW file and prepare it especially for the cross processing, and the background, wow, what a mess indeed smile thank you so much for the comment!!!

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