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photoblog image GO, NO-GO

Still too busy to post something new. I took a quick dive in the archives and found this image. It is untretouched and as is from the camera, so there might be those imperfections in it, but I can't keep you without images for so long.


Urv from California 18 Mar 2007, 07:20
Very bold and strong photograph. And this is what we get when you have no time? Don't beat yourself up- it's still excellent.
Patrick Krolis: smile thanks Urv. I had these in my archives and my eye fell on it when was quickly browsing through in search of just anything I cvould post wink

johnnyg 18 Mar 2007, 16:01
Imperfections uuummm let me see, where pray tell are there any imperfections ? And this is hiding in your archives, wanna swap archives ?
Patrick Krolis: Hey not a bad idea swap archives wink thanks for your compliemnts Johnny, your words are way too generous...

sara 18 Mar 2007, 18:28
very beautiful. i think you should enjoy this image.. the models are quite attractive and the lighting works well with their pose.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Sara. I do enjoy the image, hope you did too. I hope to soon be able to post more interesting work, have not been shooting that much lately.

James Landry 18 Mar 2007, 20:44
C'est si bon! Very strong, arresting image.
Patrick Krolis: Merci bien!!! My french is unfortunately not in the same shape as my photography, so while you can enjoy the one, I can't make you happy with the other :d

Abi 24 Mar 2007, 12:36
Part Photography Part Psychology
Patrick Krolis: thanks for the comment abi. now you got me wondering which part is psychology. and more what the psychology part says smile i understand you enjoyed the photograph. thanks for commenting

José-Angel 31 Mar 2007, 01:32
Creo que es un trabajo muy bueno.
Patrick Krolis: Gracias José-Angel.

chunter from Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK 17 Apr 2007, 22:28
Imperfections - what imperfections?

One of your best.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much, you are too kind, thank yu for the compliment!!!

latest comment
dan 29 May 2007, 06:04
Hey, this is a pretty impressive male "nude" image. I say "nude" because you don't really see much. Well done!
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much for the compliment, it is funny as I have this image on Aminus3 (http://bodynsoul.aminus3.com) too, but it looks much better here on Shutterchance. I love this nude style myself too.

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