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photoblog image Bodyscape II (unfinished)
Actually this should be further PP-ed to include some Micheangleo cracks in the paint. I think yesterday was Micheangelo's birthday. I just don't have enough time to finish this. So here I show work in progress. It should feel like an old painting in the end.
Suby from UK, Milton Keynes 8 Mar 2007, 01:09
Maybe when you finish PPing this shot, I will like the finished work, just looks weird to me like this.

Patrick Krolis: I'll work on it this week Suby, I hope the final work will withstand your critical eye, keeping the bar high up!!! :d thanks for the comment

Mia 8 Mar 2007, 01:12
I'm with Suby on waiting for the end result Patrick. It's the sharpness that isn't very appealing as of now. But a painting effect sounds interesting smile
Patrick Krolis: As I mentioned to Suby, I'll work on it this week, hope the final result will with stand your critical eyes, you keep me aware that the bar is high, thank you so much for commenting !!!!

Shiva 8 Mar 2007, 06:36
Great shot! I like the post processing here
Patrick Krolis: Thank you Shiva, still will continue to work on the image!!

chaz from nigeria 9 Mar 2007, 16:21
P, I like the work now, n I'm sure it'l be even better when u'r done 'cause i can see where u'r heading.
good work!
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Chaz, can you see it too? Just have to find some time to finish it this week, I hope all will like the end result

latest comment
Lilith from Watching the detectives 24 Apr 2007, 10:47
I was drawn to your site by the forum on nudity. Your pics are beautiful, especially this one because she looks voluptuous, more like the average woman rather than a skinny model, and I like the sculptural aspect to it.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the compliment Lillith, I am curious, what you were expecting based upon the discussion in the forums, just personal curiosity smile Coming from a sculptress, I take your compliment extra special. I would like you to show some more of your sculptures in the blog!!!

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