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photoblog image Sensual
Inspired by a similar named shot from Mick Payton. While exercising lighting effects I went working around some work of other photographers. This way you learn o undersand the effects of lightning in a better way than by experimenting all by yourself since you force yourself to obtain a specific lighting effect.
Ogonna 2 Mar 2007, 00:03
I think this pic ticked all the boxes...
Patrick Krolis: I won't ask which boxes :d. Thanks for liking it!! and thanks for the comment!!!

Neil Tandy from Johannesburg, South Africa 2 Mar 2007, 09:08
Very well done indeed patrick. I could not agree more with you about learning from others. I have taken inspiration from Suby for my street photography, even though i am stamping the genre with my own PP style. I always try to go better than what inspires me. I love the pose on this one and the model's expression. The lower part of her body just worries me a touch, but that is nothing major. Many regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Neil. Haven't heart from you for a while smile yes you are right now that I take a close look to the lower part of her body that should have been eliminated. As you know my purpose is to produce Artistic Nudes, some might feel that this one went too far.

shanti 2 Mar 2007, 16:46
i can't agree with neil about "nothing major" ... it worries me more than just a touch! ...there's something about this that make it seem like some of these body parts are not hers... like there are too many arms or something. whatever is pressing against her left thigh also confuses the eye... it's not one of her arms (at least not the ones in this photo).
Patrick Krolis: Dear Shanti, I understand your worry. But nothing (or nobody) else is depicted but the model and the cloth. Still I do agree with Neil that something could have been done with her lower body.

Sola 2 Mar 2007, 19:13
Lovly work Patrick
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much. It upsets me a little that it seems like there is a little disturbing detail in it for some. thanks for the comment!!

sk 2 Mar 2007, 20:47
i can't say anything about this pic, i am a guy so i can't really comment
Patrick Krolis: now that is a strange reason, of course you can say something about it you are a photographer too. Thanks for commenting anyway...

Jos-Angel 4 Mar 2007, 04:13
Sí, es cierto, el título muy acertado
Yes, it is certain, the title very guessed right
Patrick Krolis: Si es muy sensual...smile

Evi 15 Apr 2007, 11:11
Esta foto es llena de amor....Muy muy bonita.Felicitaciones, amigo!
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Saludos / Grecia
Patrick Krolis: Evi, the music from your website is still playing on the background, still browsing your images, wonderful website, beautiful photography, superb webdesign, I would like to have your hand in my website at http://bodynsoulphotography.com/

chaz from nigeria 23 Apr 2007, 15:53
lovely work man,
as always u keep inspiring me.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Hey there, thank you very much for the compliments, It is my pleasure to be an inspiration to you, glad you liked the post!!

bombel 7 Jul 2007, 03:34
Nice lighting ! The white backgr is nice in contrast
with the model. Wet look is very appealing too !
What's next up your sleeve man ?
Patrick Krolis: well what is next up...depends on the next model that is willing and beautiful to create stunning images!!!

Sarina Gitoroemakso from Amsterdam 23 Aug 2007, 21:05
this is great !..love the angle...smile i'm still too shy to go nude myself but..damn..if i had the courage, got so many different ideas and can NEVER find the right model..maybe soon..we'll see...wink or til i get out of this pristine thinking pattern hehe..but that's a long shot i think..tongue
great pic..love the wet look....
Patrick Krolis: Your self portrait packs so much power, nude isn't necessarily naked, nor is naked necessarily nude, your thinking patterns are ok, you'll be producing great work, and I hope to photograph you one day.

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David Pearson from United Kingdom 4 Sep 2009, 06:30
Love the perspective and the crop and I'm not sure it needs any improving smile

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