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photoblog image Where To? Two

I have posted a similar shot from the same shoot earlier, i just missed one day of posting a photograph, so today I will do with this one from the archives.

The other one was posted on January 7th this year and can be found at http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/43025.htm. It is titled "Where To". So I decided to call this one "Where To? Two". Last time the rope seemed to have caused a discussion.  I wonder how today's viewers react to the image.

Let me hear your comments, everyone is invited to comment. Yes even you!!!!

:d Enjoy.

JosÚ-Angel from Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) 1 Mar 2007, 08:34
Me gusta más la anterior. En la otra imagen apreciamos la hermosa cara de la modelo y la luz me resulta mejor aplicada.
Patrick Krolis: Sim estas con razon. Yes you are right the other one has her face which adds t the image, I am thinking of having both images side by side thouh, this would give more a sense of movement

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johnnyg 1 Mar 2007, 11:16
This image as well as the first are both very well shot and I like them both immensely. The rope ah the rope, I do not find the rope distracting nor controversal in any form. It does not add nor take away from the image as she could be using it for support or walking through it thus away or it could be used for a more sinister purpose but it doesn't look that way.

Is there a web site that both of you posted your shots from that exhibition I love to see them together.
Patrick Krolis: No we have not posted our shots on one website. I am not even sure the other work was posted either. I will ask and let you know. Thanks for the compliment

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