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photoblog image Christel Again
spoon 26 Feb 2007, 09:14
I like the framing and the shape of her eyes. Other than that, the picture doesn't do it for me. Especially the face skin texture, looks like something is wrong (too much makeup?).
Patrick Krolis: could be the strong lighting on the make up yes. did you see yesterday's post? I did this same one in B&W. What did you think of that one? any better?

Zebigleb 26 Feb 2007, 10:31
I prefer this of yesterday, though a nice portrait !
Patrick Krolis: Hey Zeb, I also prefer the B&W version, I think most people (not all) do.

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 26 Feb 2007, 14:01
Lighting all over the place on this one. Make it b&w, maybe it will wotk then :d

Patrick Krolis: Actually I did the B&W first. It was posted one day before this one :d

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 26 Feb 2007, 14:02
Just seen the last post, works better as a B&W

Patrick Krolis: I thought so too :d thanks for your comment Suby.

Raymond from Shutterchance 26 Feb 2007, 22:39
Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your reply, and I have taken the time to examine the two pictures briefly (you see, I'm meant to be studying wink ). I find it interesting that one person sees the same person, positioned exactly the same technically and creatively, but prefers one version over the other. The B/W does work for me, possibly because the lighting was modelled for a B/W portrait not for the colour portrait?

Her (beautiful) skin tone heightens the B/W tones of the picture, so it has so more appeal than the coloured version. Furthermore, with the B/W version people notice her shaped eyebrows, stare, and lips a lot quicker than the coloured version of the model. You do lose a lot of details with the coloured version, simply because differing colours, and light is what grabs people first; and may not pick up all the fine lines, shapes, angles, shades as much with the B/W.

We're you going for lines and shadows with these two versions Patrick?

I do prefer the B/W more, yes.

Thanks Patrick!

Patrick Krolis: Hi Raymond, Thanks for your deeper comment. Yes the B&W is a lot better. What actually is the story behind this is that the make up was actually done for B&W photogrpahy. That is also why the colors do not really match the model in the colored version. The colors were choosen to have maximum impact upon the B&W conversion. Like deep reds turn really dark when you properly convert them in photoshop etc.

The light is actually a bit to harsh, did not meter it out carefully enough I think, but in the B&W that is more forgiving.

Raymond from Shutterchance 26 Feb 2007, 22:43

Just one more thing, I'm asked the question in the forum, would you like shutterchance to establish a team of reviewers to write / send newsletters on peoples work? The kind of comments I make. Would having a crew of 4 recognised reviewers be a good idea?

Patrick Krolis: Revievers/editors/commenters, could be an interesting way to profle interesting photography. Let me think about it. I will join the discussion in the forums. I did not even post material yeaterday, as I am really really busy with some other stuff. As soon as I have time to post material, i will also join the discusion. Nice idea.

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David Pearson from United Kingdom 4 Sep 2009, 06:32
Not sure about this one TBH. The overall crop and look ar ok but I feel the lighting is a bitt too harsh.

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