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photoblog image Sleeping in the Forest

Well here we have more natural light. what do you think of theis "fashion victem". I wanted to do somethingwith a beaty and the forest (sounds awful a lot like a fairy tale).  Then last year I saw a similar themed ad in Vogue and since then I thought theirs was better. I think I did not achieve the visual power I would like to create when thinking up this image. Pls give me your comments. Does this work or not for you?

PS. Me and the model should get a 10 for persisitance though, it is not easy shooting in 38 degrees Celcius (guess that is about 100 Fahrenheit) and keep calm. Not even thinkin about the make up that would drip from the model as soon as it was applied :)

Raymond from Australia 21 Feb 2007, 03:09
Hello Patrick,

10 out of 10 for working in the heat, it is hard to keep working under the sun without the proper protection. So, I understand why you didn't place her directly in that spot of light in the bush. Although, I believe the shot would have gained more dramatic impetus is she were placed there...

For me, I prefer to see the whole face of the person, so that plant spoils it for me... However, it is important to what is being created - natural beauty, no?

When you noted "fairy tale" I immediately thought of "Beauty and the Beast". I guess, connotations of that tale can also be applied here? Or, "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears". Besides the formulaic "fairy tale", one might now think of crime stories such as, "CSI", or "Bones" when they come across this scene.

Lastly, there is power in this image, the circle of light. The light can hold many interpretations; light from the heavens picking up the lost beauty and taking care of her, and the differing colours adds more detail and meanings (metaphors, glad that University is paying off wink )... One only needs to think stereotypically to understand the semiotics I'm vaguely attaching to this picture, the pink gown so thrilly and feminine which also suggests the female is soft-hearted, nimble, romantic, and possibly vulnerable to the wild outdoors...

I like what you've done here Patrick, the only problem for me is the plant covering her face... However, it heightens her mystery, shyness, introvertedness, quietness, insecurities etc...

I would like to see the cover of the vogue take on this Patrick, if that is possible? In order to think more about your question.

Good stuff Patrick. smile

Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for your comment Raymond. As usual you have truly deepend the discussion around the photograph. With regards to the face, I carefully choose to hide the face. To me that adds to the scene. As you rightfully say, the pink silk dress in the middle of the woods, a beautiful young woman lying there, who is she?, how did she arrive there?, what is she doing there?

While the title might suggest she is sleeping, what is happening here? Your analysis of the image is a very powerful one.

I think I cannot show the vogue photograph. It would be against the copyrights. As photographers ourselves we ought to keep the protection of copyrights high in our banner. I will look for it online though, maybe I can send you the link!!

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 21 Feb 2007, 10:27
Like this, wish we could have seen the mouth though grin

Patrick Krolis: Yes, actually you are the second commenter who wanted to see the mouth. As I mentioned to Raymond, I hid the mouth on purpose. I felt it added to the scene, partially hiding her identity, it makes us more curious.

gonzo gallery 21 Feb 2007, 12:12
I like this. The light's great. Although it can be overused, I reckon this'd be cool with a 16:9 crop and black bars - it already feels quite cinematic, and suggests a voyeuristic camera. Perhaps a hint of desire/religion what with the red dress, leaves covering body parts, etc? Her pose looks a lost more post-coital that just sleep wink
Patrick Krolis: now you have a point there (not talking post-coital wink). The 16:9 crop is something I will try. It makes a lot of sense...hmmm didn't think of it.

BeakerSt from Shutterchannce 21 Feb 2007, 17:27
I like the overall composition, the colour combination and the mix of refined coloured silk against a natural background. I think the subject does benefit from being partly masked by the foliage but I would have preferred more coverage. As it is with just two leaves, and one of those positioned directly in front of the mouth, conveys less a message of hidden mystery and more a mistake.

I still love the shot
Patrick Krolis: You might be right on this one. It seems like more people don't apreciate the amount of foliage for the voyeuristic view. Maybe I should have gotten more leaves in front of the model...

Petra 21 Feb 2007, 20:07
Lovely composition Patrick...allthough a bit too bright imho.(especially on the dress...)
I think a darker image will increase the feeling of mysterie.
Think it will be gorgious in B@W.....it will look like a movie poster/affiche..
Great job!
Patrick Krolis: Dank je wel Petra. I might take your sggestion and try a B&W conversion. You are the second person that indicates that it gives a movie like feel. Seems like everybody is watching CSI these days smile Thanks for the cmpliment and for the comment.

Raymond 21 Feb 2007, 21:54
Hello Patrick,

yes with the way her arms are positioned it seems she is sacfificing herself to man, or beast (possibly both in one body).

I agree with Beaker St on more coverage, just to balance things out and add more to her mystery (why does the beauty sleep?).

In regards to Gonzo's comment, the hint of religion comes through the spread of her arms, nailed down. The way her body is positioned, it appears that she is nailed on an (invisible, or metaphoric) cross (another word, burden).

In some ways, we too are nailed to (our) burdens. So, the religious connotations here are subtle, in my opinion, which does not need to be more emphasised more.

A story of mystery, and religion is unfolding here Patrick, will the beauty awake to redemption, or temptation? Stay tuned guys!

What we need to see next Patrick is a scene from Genesis - Adam and Eve, Apple of knowledge vs the Snake of corruption! It would be quite interesting to see an physical interpretation of temptation here.

- Raymond.
Patrick Krolis: very deep analysis once more Raymond. Thank you so much for deepening the discussion once more. On your suggestion to do a scene from Genesis, with the snake. know just the snake to use for this as a friend of mine has a huge phyton available. Now it is to find the models that will be comfortable with the 20 feet snake. I do like the idea however!!!!

àsìkò 21 Feb 2007, 23:18
this is one ur best images, i really like it
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the compliment. Really appreciated.

José-Angel from Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) 26 Feb 2007, 01:26
Bonita y tierna imágen, sacada de un cuento ... smile
Patrick Krolis: gracias José!!

latest comment
Abi 3 Mar 2007, 18:02
o.k then 10/10
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Abi. Very very much apreciated.

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