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photoblog image Audition
Last May, actually exacty 3 days before my ex-wife told me she wanted a divorce, I did some pre-work with Euridice Nortan. She had contacts who wanted to do a jeans ad. She was looking to have her own models listed but the would be client had their own list as well and WHAT a listing. "If I was interested to photograph". Of course I am. So when I went with my portfolio...
When I got there ready to present my portfolio the client was busy auditioning "models". "Hey can you shoot the audition pics?" I was asked. "But of course my pleasure". Well I can tell you now that I will not do such a thing again. Only if I get to preselect the models. Some had so much potential others should never have been there. Euridice her models were miles ahead of the client's.

The job never came through, but I did shoot some pictures, as always, an afternoon behind the camera, makes me happy anyway, so I decided to share some of the work with you. I'll be posting some, but if you can't wait or if you want to see more of it take a look in the Job 1006 album in my MSN space. There are the auditioning pictures for a shoot that never came.
And how I am looking forward to do a shoot with Euridice and her models, that will be real good stuff I guess. By the way did you see Euridice in the Noveau of June and July this year, BEAUTIFUL photography!!!
The shot here was done after the audition, when everybody went away and Euridice and her models stayed behind. We just ha some photographic fun. I loved the light shining through the window after a rainy day.
JosÚ-Angel from Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) 20 Feb 2007, 01:55
Really very nice light. Aunque la que tienes en el space, en esta posición me resulta más bonita. wink
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much jose. Shall I post the other one too? Maybe that is a good idea!!!
Hasta La Proxima!!

marc 20 Feb 2007, 08:39
i like the pic and the light, the model has great legs but i think it would look nicer with the shadow of the handbag (?) removed

otherwise good shooting
Patrick Krolis: You are right, there is the shadow of a bag there. I did not even notice it smile The bag was to serve as a fashion accesory, I did not find proper ways with the girils to shoot with the big green monster bag. I can Photoshop it away of course, but will live with it for now

johnnyg 20 Feb 2007, 09:40
I surprised myself by finding you on my space straight away and I have to say your right ,they are lovely indeed but I also have to say that I like this particular shot more. The other shot where she's sitting looking at you even though she has the lovelest eyes I have seen in years, is not as warm or as relaxed as this shot ... to me.
Patrick Krolis: Yes I think she was very relaxed here. I would have loved to shoot her once more, but I believe she went to the Netherlands to study (as most Surinamese teenager do after high school)

The MSN Spaces thing is not that difficult, I just forgot to mention in my photogrpahers comment that they should add me as krolis@hotmail.com to their MSN.

Sola from Nottingham 20 Feb 2007, 12:14
I like this, very simple and the natural light works well
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Sola. I ooved the light as it was coming into the smal office where we were shooting. Afternoon sun, after rain it was warm and clean and moody. the model just loves the camera, she is a natural...

latest comment
aitor 21 Feb 2007, 19:20
Great pic, beatuful light & model....sorry, my english is rusty, next time I┬┤ll tell you in my own language (spanish) smile
Patrick Krolis: puedes entanetar el espanol. Mi espanol no es la tanto pero ...

You can try spanish, my spanish is not all that but you can try. I can read it, but I am not that fluent in writing it. I am very rusty after not speaking or writing it for 15 years. Thanks for the comment and the compliment.

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