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photoblog image In Perspective

I thought I would have had enough pregnancy photographs on display since valentines day. It turned out that a comment by Elsie on my February 14 post, was the reason to allow myself a last post out of this shoot.

There have been discussions around the cross, both comments that thought it made sense and comments that thought it did not add to the photograph. Here the question propably is, whether the pregnancy adds to the cross.

Let me know what you think. In Perspective

johnnyg 18 Feb 2007, 00:15
I'm going to reserve comments on this one until later but I do like this one Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: smile I seem to have picked the wrong time for a grand discussion Johnny, glad you liked it!!

Elsie 18 Feb 2007, 20:33
This is a lovely and unusual shot Patrick, great composition. To answer your question, I guess it sort of depends on what a person believes.I believe children are a gift from God so the cross for me speaks volumes and emphasizes the miracle of childbirth.On a more technical note the DOF is very good and the lighting works well to emphasize the cross as the main focal point. My 2 cents smile
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Elsie. Johnnyg noticed that I should have gotten this one out on mid week to really have a discussion going, I like your interpretation a lot. When I did this shot, both me and the model wanted to create an image that would have people reflecting on it.

johnnyg 18 Feb 2007, 23:09
Should have saved this for mid week when more peeps are about. I would have loved to join in the discussion as I'm agnostic but I don't sit on the fench.
Patrick Krolis: Shall I try and repost it somewhere midweek? I don't think that would work. I should have posted it on another day. Are there more peeps around midweek?

I have to admit that i had to go to Yahoo! Dictionary for a definition of agnostic (shame on me). According to Yahoo: 1.One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God. 2.One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
I have to say that theoreticcally I could live with the first thought, yet I do believe and not practice any particular form of religion.
My model during her pregnancy did go back to the cross for prayers.

latest comment
Raymond 19 Feb 2007, 08:49
Hi Patrick,

Quite a good question you posed.

In this case, I'm going to say no as the cross is extremely symbolic (hence, why you used it); He sacrificed his life for us on the cross. However, I do see why you included a pregrant woman with this image, a miracle, a new life etc...

One could say the cross is about the giving of life, but another could say it means not making the same mistakes as before...

I like the sharp detail on the cross, but I prefer the Valentines post personally. Going by scripture Patrick, pregnancy is not relevant with the cross... How about Greek mythology? Eggs & fertility? I appreciate the message you are sending out, pregancy and religion are both equally strong matters in life in which people (some naively) throw themselves into deeply...

Can I ask you Patrick, why did you include the cross?

Although, I like the recent photographs you posted, but the pregnancy does not add to the cross simply because God created man, and then woman... What I mean is that He was at the beginning, He created much more than birth - His importance is much stronger than one aspect of life... Furthermore, millions of people live for religion, hope, freedom, peace, equality, so the cross will always be the symbol for that...

I apologise for the lengthy comment, just felt the need to contribute to the discussion Patrick.

- Raymond.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very muc for the lengthy comment!!! I really apreciate it. Lot's of depth you bring to the discussion. I find it a pity that we did not have more participants.

I did include the cross in the shoot because it was very special for the model. While shooting the other shots a picture and a question came to mind. That is when i shot this. I kind of was very taken by the cross.

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