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photoblog image Growing Happy
Actually this was the picture i would have loaded up for the theme 11 Valentine challenge. After the reactions on my post of wednesday (actual valentines day) which can be seen here http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/57449.htm I decided to post a very similar shot which I submitted here http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/58530.htm . Suzanne (http://suzanne.shutterchance.com/)  rightfully asked why I choose a lesser shot for the Theme 11 challenge. So here I post one of the shots I love most from the shoot.
genevieve 17 Feb 2007, 00:13
breathtaking! i love it,the treatment, position of the model and the lighting are very good, even the body art. i think i would like to see the others without the cross too!
Patrick Krolis: wow, WOW. thank you Thank you. Thank you Genevieve. I am glad you liked this one. Of course it is the same model during the same shoot, I went for something pure this time. And I love the skin especially, you too. You can see the unborn's feet (or head) smile I thought this was one of my most beautiful pregnancy shots. I am really glad you liked it :d:d:d you made my day!!

sguardiamo from Italy 17 Feb 2007, 00:16
beautiful light, as the subject and frame
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much. I think I had my share of pregnancy photographs this year smile Well coming to think of it, I think I will be shooting a 8 month old boy pretty soon, yes you guessed right, the one that was Growing Happy.

Josť-Angel from Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) 17 Feb 2007, 01:07
Why it was not happened to me to make a photo like these to the mothers of my children? That pity.
Patrick Krolis: smile I would have loved to shoot my own kids in this stage as well. A pity I started photographing seriously again only when my youngest son already had 4 years. I had shot the model before in a different context, when she was pregnant she insisted that I would take her pregnancy pictures. She said only I could make the moment last in that special way. Isn't that a very flattering compliment for us photographers?

Suzanne 18 Feb 2007, 00:35
Absolutely stunning, Patrick! The artful lines on her belly really add a touch of the poetic to an already moving photograph. I agree with the woman who told you that you make moments last. Your photos so often leave me wanting more and more of those moments you choose so artfully. Beautiful!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you so much Suzanne. You know you stun me with your words. Now I am quietly enjoying your compliment, trying to make that moment last...

amir 15 Feb 2008, 15:24
Patrick Krolis: I guess you wanted to say how much you liked the image? Thank you for the compliment!!

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tim from united kindom 23 Apr 2008, 18:35
just looking through your archives Patrick and i must say i find this a wonderfully beautiful image, stunning shotsmile
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Tim, this is the result of my first pregnancy shoot, I have done many there after, but must agree with you, as good a this one they never got!! wink

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