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photoblog image Love and Affection
Suby from UK, Milton Keynes 12 Feb 2007, 09:10
Sweet, love the capture, you have to work on your lighting a little bit more though. I wish the hot spots where not soo bright smile

Patrick Krolis: Hey Suby. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion. With regard to the lighting in general, i have had more difficulty in getting it right with my NIKON D200 then woth my old Olympus E-20. However I was actually looking for some effects in this shot that i feel are not totally achieved. The way the hotspots works is indeed not that gratifying.

silei tan 12 Feb 2007, 09:40
like your pic.. feel alot for it..
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for commenting. Actually you are the first commenter from Singapore. I would love to visit your country soon. For now it is just dreaming and watching your blog.

spoon 12 Feb 2007, 11:59
The position of the hands works really nice. I agree with Suby though, the bright areas are too burned out. I would have preferred a smoother look.
Patrick Krolis: Hey thank you for the comment!! As I mentioned to Suby also, first i find the NIKON D200 much more difficult to get the extreme lightnig effects I love to achieve, but in this shiot i was actually shooting with a certain postprocessing in mind, which I have not achieved as yet, so maybe I should redo the post processing and mask the highlighted areas in a specific way.

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deji77 17 Feb 2007, 23:20
Personally for the feel about the shot I do quite like the blown highlights and the blurry nature of it all. Very nice smile Uhmmm...really looking at it I might have suggested a title more like Lust and Incest or something along those lines.
Patrick Krolis: smile well maybe you are right about the title. This title comes from the female model, this was what the shoot was all about for her. About the blown highlights and the blurry nature, it has somehting hasn't it?

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