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photoblog image Rachel
I should do some retouching on this photograph, but I like the result as is already and would like to post it in this stage already. Love to hear your comments.
Suzanne 6 Feb 2007, 02:05
I love the softness of the light. Her thoughtful expression and downward cast suit the mood the prayer beads convey. I do think though that a tighter crop would be more effective in keeping the integrity of the mood. The angle of her body beyond her arm is awkward and looks strange, and her foot is distracting. Without those elements, the photo is gorgeous! smile
Patrick Krolis: thanks Suzanna, I am taking your suggestions serious. Will post a cropped version soon on shutter to have you all decide how that works. Thanks for the compliment...

John Eagle 6 Feb 2007, 03:45
I like the composition of the face and arms but somehow the torso is distracting. Maybe it is just the stomach portion that is distracting. If we were only to see her bum and leg that might work. Possibly a slightly different angle would work better. Nice effect, similarities, with the finger nails and necklace.
Patrick Krolis: thanks John for commenting and the suggestions. I can agree with you on your suggestions. Suzanna also suggested some crop, so let's see where we go from there.

Carl Kirstein 6 Feb 2007, 06:52
I actually like that youve included the rest of her body the way you did. It enhances the vulnerable expression she has (as if she is too shy to even look at the camera). I think however to be more successfull the rest of her needs to be sharper (in focus, not sharpened smile)

I would further suggest that the out of focus foot is burned out so that it is still visible, but less distracting so close to her face.

minor niggle is the hot spot on her shoulder and nails. Also her right (our left) arm. Her right arm is competing for my eye to look at, therefore I suggest that you burn it a bit as well (especially at the bottom left, at her elbow)

hope the comments were useful
Patrick Krolis: Very usefull comment Carl. With regard to the DOF, I actually wanted to have the blurred background or better a very short Depth of Field. But I think your comments make a lot of sense so i will try them out. Of course I will share the results.

Josť-Angel from Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona) 6 Feb 2007, 14:10
Patrick, I agree upon which shutters of above says. I think that the portion of body that is seen does not favor to the model. The rest, and the expression of the girl is very well!
Patrick Krolis: thanks Jose. I take all the comments and see where I get. lovely expression she has right?

johnnyg 6 Feb 2007, 20:50
I been waiting all day to see what everyone else would have to say about this shot Patrick and I have to say for me I don't agree with them at all. The pose, the foot , the expression, the hands all work and are not akward. It may just be my age here but I've seen a lot of women in my life ( god I hope my wife doesn't read this ) and I have seen women in just such posess and with the same expressions and beleive me this works very well indeed. The only down side is the left elbow. Suby is quite right , we all see things differently so we will all have different interpretations. Still I'd like to see the changes you'll make.
Patrick Krolis: hey Johnny. Thank you very much for your input, actually i have been coming back myself quite a few times today instead of working on work that should pay my income :d. I guess I have to double up tonight. i love the reactions so far. As I mentioned in my own comemnt with the picture, I like the result myself, but I will try to do the changes suggested by all others. i had hoped for many more reactions, but sometimes quality is better than quantity, and I must say that the comments here are very very usefull. So i'll get going and see where it takes me.

BeakerSt 6 Feb 2007, 23:25
I have to agree in part and say it's very well executed but the inch or so to the right of the arm has a little too much by way of tonal variation. This may be why people are noticing it as it creates the appearance of 4 or 5 'banded' areas. A little healing brush may have lessened the impact of that area.

Conversely to some comments I think the leg and foot are integral to the shot...well done.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comment Simon!! You may have a good point here. To be really honest the model herself had the very same comment, that is some of the retouching I refer to in my comment. So apart from all the other suggestions, there we go with the healing brush. At least now 2 people will be happier with the image :d Thank you very much.

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Patrick Krolis from Suriname 6 Feb 2007, 23:40
WOW!! The quality of the comments is incredible this time. Thank you very much Shutterchance colleagues. I am open to more comments, so feel free to post some if you like!!!

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