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photoblog image El Cuerpo 2

From the same shoot as the Untitled you can find at http://bodynsoul.shutterchance.com/photoblog/43051.htm. Somehow I can't get the insert link button to function correctly, so I posted the complete link. I am going with Adebanji's suggestion and will title this one El Cuerpo 2, even though the precvious one goes Untitled.

Actually this shot which is very similar, but has the face of the model pointing in a different direction showing both part of her face and more details in her neck. Actually I love the upper part of this image so much that I am very much tried to crop it somewhere around the middle of the image and discard the lower part.

Also this image gives a bit more clues about how I did the lighting for the series. Hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts with me in the comments.

E Etomi 5 Feb 2007, 00:14
I think I prefer the previous one. Its darker...
Patrick Krolis: Thanks for the comment. I understand that it is the dark environment that did it for you in the previous picture. less light. I can agree with you, I believe in photogrpahy less most of the times is better.

You are having some very interesiting work lately, I will comment on the photographs

johnnyg 5 Feb 2007, 00:22
I thimk I gotta go with you on this one Patrick. The upper portion is lit superbly. Up above her head at 45 but what I can't tell is if you used a gold & silver reflector on her left. She has a lovely neck doesn't she. smile
Patrick Krolis: You got "the eye" Johnny. It is a gold reflector on the left.

johnnyg 5 Feb 2007, 21:54
120 views and only 2 comments, please guys come on you can do better then that !
Patrick Krolis: isn't it amazing. I am not sure how it works. either they click on the thumbnail and are not happy with waht they see or they are so flabbergasted by its beauty that they don't know what to say :d

qobit 9 Feb 2007, 10:32
Everypixel is to be enjoyed... Immense in the shot..Nice..Great work...Qobit
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much Qobit. Thank you for the compliments, thanks for the visit. Glad you liked it.
Hope you keep on enjoying my blog. Let me know ewhen you like something or when you don't like something.

latest comment
Ray 10 Feb 2007, 13:56
Lighting is good...accentuates the curves so that this frame fills with them. i think it would be a pity if you cropped the bottom of the picture. Thank you for sharing.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Ray, thank you very much for the comment and the compliment of course. Very interesting that you actually like the way the frame is filled. I will still do a cropped version and then we can see what is more beautiful.

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