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photoblog image Atelier Dore 5

Here I have another shot from the Atelier Dore series. In this photogrpah I choose not to do the similar postprocessing as in the other shots

johnnyg 29 Jan 2007, 00:17
The flash is to harsh and the hands are distracting as well as the crop missing the top of her flower. Not one of your best bruv.
Patrick Krolis: Coming from one of my frequent visitors, i will take this seriously. the flash is indeed a little harsh, and the top of the flower got lost in the actions of capturing the model on the catwalk. Is it so bad that i should not have even posted her? Dunno, wanted my visitors to judge that.

Jide Alakija 29 Jan 2007, 01:37
Very good masking work...looks flawless.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks for your compliment on my photoshop skills. Kevin Ames and Scott Kelby are great teachers. It is not perfectly done though if not you would not have noticed the mask. There are little imperfections.

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johnnyg 29 Jan 2007, 09:07
Masking ? Is that why there's some white showing around her hand on her hip. If this has been cut out then I take back my original comment.
Patrick Krolis: Yes Johnny masking. That is why there is a little white around her hand on her hip. However it is not what you think. This is no cut and paste job. I will post the original soon. What happened here is that my position on the end of the catwalk was such that the public sitting on the side is very visible in the original picture. To m feeling it is taking away from the beauty of the model. The camera I shot this with has a relatively small ccd. So even shooting at an aperture of 2.4 you cannot get enough DOF. While working on the Atelier Dore series I started experimenting with Photoshop and used the lens blurring tool which was released in CS2, which mimics the DOF effect better than the more conventional Gaussian blur tool. So i masked the model, and then used the blurring tool o the public in the background. The little white you are seeing in the corner of her hand is actually the color of the shirt of the guy sitting there. the third one in the row.

PS. on your previous remark on the harshness of the flash, I think this was one of the rare moments that 2 photographers fire their flashes at te same time and the one with the lesser flash gets over exposed. Friend of mine was shooting with a canon besides me, the 580EX handled the extra light a lot better.

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for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera Olympus E-20
exposure mode aperture priority
shutterspeed 1/80s
aperture f/2.4
sensitivity ISO80
focal length 24.0mm
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