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photoblog image Amanda 3
Patrick Krolis from Suriname 26 Jan 2007, 01:00
Commenting on myself, this is a shot from the same shoot I have shown before, perhaps this shot (also au naturel) has less of the imperfectins the first shot had. I wonder what the stars say...pls comment!!
Patrick Krolis: and now replying on myself...smile

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 26 Jan 2007, 11:46
Seems very voyeristic a shot, I think this shot would or may work better in B&W, I wish her hand was just under the breast cupping it slightly. Works okay the way it is, but okay not enough wink

Patrick Krolis: Hmmm, well yes,actually I think the breast is not in the picture at all, but then again, maybe I should crop it out anyhow, or go B&W as you suggested. Let me work on it. Thanks for the comment!!

sguardiamo 26 Jan 2007, 18:39
hi Patrick, I like the light on her face
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much. I find that extreme sidelighting works quite well for me in most instances. Actually it most of the times happens during a shoot that I start too shy with the lighting. Having the light almost 45 degrees in front of the model, In my experience it actually gets more interesting i the light is like 10 degrees behind the model. During a shoot I will slowly get there. Guess I should shoot more. Go get the confidence again.

Petra 26 Jan 2007, 21:09
as a portrait i like it a lot Patrick...very natural and beautiful, but imho her brest adds nothing to the photo.
I would have cropped the top of the photo just as portrait.
Happy weekend!
Patrick Krolis: Hi Petra, I guess you actually speak out what most have thought smile I just answered Suby's comment, and came to the same conclusion. Maybe the breast is of such unimportance it should just go. On the other hand, it is interesting to put the breast in an unimportant position, just because they normally take such predominant position in the photographs. in this case it is just "sidelined" I'll pick up your suggestion and Suby's, cropping and trying a B&W conversion. I'll post the results one of these days...Dank je wel voor je commentaar!!!

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Chandra Teelucksingh 11 Apr 2008, 21:45
Hi Patrick,
I came across your site and I must say . . .fantastic.
Hope to see you when next I visit P'bo
Patrick Krolis: Hey Chandra, Long time since we met my friend, thanks for the compliment on my photography. Give me a ring when in town.

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