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Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 25 Jan 2007, 09:16
Like this, model looks hot grin

What botheres me in some of your shots ins the backgrounds, not seamless enough, pay more attention to that my friend, also try to darken even more if you can grin

Patrick Krolis: Thanks Suby, I will pass your compliments to the model :d
With regards to the background you are right, sometimes the background is not totally stretched and with the light falling upon it it actually shows through. The space in which I have been shooting sometimes has been too cramped, so you can't get the model far enough from the background. Of course I can PS the backgrounds into an even darkness, well yeah maybe I should

alexdpx from Manila (but currently living in Doha) 25 Jan 2007, 15:11
I'm really not sure how to interpret this image. A blind-folded semi-naked woman sitting with her legs spread apart - hmmmm . . . . I don't know what to make of it. But I do like it. I think that the outfit (apart from the blindfold) and the pose is quite hot. Side lighting accentuates her curves effectively smile
Patrick Krolis: Well Alex, to b really honest during the shoot I was working towards getting to my interpretation of lady justice. But I never got there. Was the first shoot with the model, testing waters a bit. But this image was among my archives and as such I thought I'd share it with you.

adebanji alabi 25 Jan 2007, 16:55
now this is a hostage ill like to take.



Will I release her?: Very unlikely,but she will be treated very well,i promise!

A very interesting photograph
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Adebanji. Actually you almost get me another title suggestion here. I mentioned in my previous comment on this photograph, I was on my way of interpreting Lady Justice, but ended up with strange ransom request :d

genevieve 25 Jan 2007, 18:02
i am not sure i like this shot. the pose or the shirt is not very flattering to her figure.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Genevieve, thanks for commenting. I think that one of the reasos this shot came about like this is that I was still conceptualizing while shooting. Then again some people seem to like it this way, others clearly not. This is exactly the reason I post on Shutter. It gives me honest feedback from my fellow photographers.

Zebigleb 25 Jan 2007, 21:47
The composition doesn't work for me I'm sorry smile
Patrick Krolis: It is OK Zebigleb. I am glad you spoke out. The reason I post here on Shutter is to get honest feedback on my work. I guess I have shown the best work out of my archives, need to dig through the work I have not selected as yet. I sure expect you will find more interesting work from me again in the future. Very busy period coming up with my work, so need to make time for Shutter and my photography.

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Bolle RL 5 Oct 2007, 20:06
again another masterpiece !!

although you can see that the model isn't really relaxed .. looking at her hands !!!

but ... I could be wrong !!!

Still brilliant !!
Patrick Krolis: there is a bit of tension in the scene that is right, it was actually meant to be captured, the tension of being blindfolded, not knowin what is coming, there had to be tension smile you have a good eye for detail my friend!!

must fill in
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