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photoblog image Untitled
John Eagle 24 Jan 2007, 00:33
Nice! I enjoy this composition. Nude but not showing to much. And not really overtly suggesting anything. Angular division of space that leads your eye to her bosom. The band on her ankle a hint of bondage? Her pose suggests all tied up.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for visiting and commenting. I am glad this photogrpah seems to please quite a lot of visitors. The band on her ankle actually is in the eye of the beholder smile the simple truth is she had her high heels on when I shot this, so the band is just part of her shoe. No bondage in this one...

Clint 24 Jan 2007, 03:55
I have been enjoying your photographs for some weeks now. What I like most is the fact that most of your pics are natural. That is to say that you don't post process the natural variations in the human skin that we all have. I give you kudos for that. This is of course a personal preference, but most commercial photography is gross (or less harshly, deceiving) in its depiction of the human form.

I like the lighting in this photo and especially the mole on her left leg.
Well done and keep up the good work.
Patrick Krolis: As is is sometimes even more beautiful than manufactured, I myself do some postprocessing, but lately i have been showing a lot of "natural" work here, and I must say I love the comments, thanks for visiting and commenting. hope you keep on enjoying the work!!

Tomás Susemihl 24 Jan 2007, 04:21
Really like the lightinf here. Well done smile
Patrick Krolis: You also have magnificent work on display today smile Muito bom cara! Thanks for visiting and thank you very much for the compliment, the comment and the visit, I really appreciate it. Até mais.

BeakerSt from Shutterchance 24 Jan 2007, 06:31
Very stylish set up in both complimentary angles, colour tones and the ankle cuff really adds a little mystery. The lighting on the subject is spot on.
Patrick Krolis: Hey welcome back, thank you so much for the compliments. It is not really an ankle cuff, but then again if that is what it looks like that it can be smile Glad you enjoyed the photograph.

adebanji alabi 24 Jan 2007, 08:47
wonderstuff! (if such a phrase exists)
Great shadows and curves. i like the shoe too.It adds to the seduction.

cant find a title for your shot? LOL

try: Il corpo
Patrick Krolis: Actually I'll really try your suggestion and see how people react on it. I will post it on another site with a similar name. maybe I'll go for Spanish or Portuguese though as these are languages I speak at least a bit smile thanks for the suggestion and comment, glad you liked it

àsìkò 24 Jan 2007, 09:15
awesome stuff I am learning from u how to do artistic nude stuff
Patrick Krolis: wow, thank you Ade. I should be learning how to do foggy landscapes from you, your work these days on fog and landscapes is fabulous, than for commenting

Mal 24 Jan 2007, 17:38
This is my equal fave of your images Patrick, your use of light and shade is absolutely spot on with this, sexy, classy, beautiful. I can see this selling well. Mal
Patrick Krolis: thank you so much Mal. such a compliment coming from you is absolutely a good way o celebrating this photogrp. Unfortunately I have not sold this one as yet, since the market in Suriname for photography s not yet developed. even art galleries have no interest in displaying photography, focusing solely on paintings and stuff.

José-Angel from Spain 24 Jan 2007, 17:51
This is a photography of chocolate, flavor, scent, color, texture, everything is transmitted.
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jose. Your choice of words to describe this photograph,make it look even more beautiful then it is. you certainly have a way with words smile thanks for commenting

Suzanne from Canada 25 Jan 2007, 03:54
Hi Patrick, I agree with Mal, this one of my favorite of yours too. Just beautiful. I love how the lines of her right arm echo the ones of her left leg. Your use of light is an inspiration, really is!
Patrick Krolis: thank you for your comment Suzanne. This is really enchanting for some and yet too bleak for others. while i have had no such bleak comments here on shutter, i have received a few such comments from a few colleagues. i uess i can't lease all the people all of the time...thanks for your compliments

Rosie 31 Jan 2007, 10:17
I wonder how popular you would be, if you did not photograph naked women? Probably not very popular, so well done! So When are you going to shoot men, or is this all about male fantasies?


Patrick Krolis: Am I popular? jeez, how do you tell? I am not getting as many hits as some of my fellow shutterchancers are getting.

Still I guess there are quite some people watching my work, I hope they like it as I do, that is what this is all about right?

It is just so that this is what I do best, studio work with models, light. I am in search of my own photographic identity, and posting my work on shutter helps to develop that.

Now is it that you think that the quality of my work is bad? is that why you think that people would not look at my pictures if I had other topics?

Well maybe you are right, I am a lousy landscape photographer, there are others here on shutterchance that do a way more wonderful job then I in that field, I also am a lousy street photographer, again there are so much others here on shutter that excel at that. I just do what I think I do best. I think everybody should.

I enjoy good photography, whether it be mine or others. I hope you do too.

As with regard to your comment on males, actually if you take a look through my archives you'll see that I have shot men too,naked that is. Actually todays post (February 2, 2007) is about 2 naked men. And my most viewed photograph is also about a men. Check out my "Wet Man" from December 17, 2006. Hope you enjoy it.

A pity you did not leave your email address. Because then you would have gotten my reaction on your comment....thanks for commenting I appreciate it.

Harry 2 Feb 2007, 09:45
You're a twat, what if this was your daughter? You are a pervert, so you obviously wouldn't mind if your child was being gawked at like some kind of animal to domesticate?

You're no artist just an amateur soft pornographer. This is pure voyeurism, we live in a misogynistic world so that is why you are a "winner".

Grow up.
Patrick Krolis: Well Harry, Rosie, Michel or who ever you are, obviously you don't care to share more information on yourself, like your own blog or email address. I guess everybody has it's way of looking at things.

Obviously respected Shutterchancers are commenting on my work, most of the time in a favorable way, always critical, and sometimes the work is just not good enough. As I said that is why I post on Shutter to get feedback about what is good and what is not.

For me it is important that the models are happy with the work, I am happy with the work, quite some on the shutterchance community seem happy with my work, and obviously you seem very unhappy about it.

Oh yes I do not care to admit that I am an amateur, I am trying to learn here. Obviously I do not agree with the rest of the qualification, but that is in this case just my humble opinion.

I respect yours (that is why I don't delete the comment) I would like you to respect mine the same way.

PS. maybe you should share some of your work, and we can all learn...

Vanessa 4 Feb 2007, 12:59
Delete Harry. He is not respectful. Such a waste of comment.
Patrick Krolis: I understand your feelings. But I choose to leave the comment on the page. Actually that way more people can see that there are also people who don't like the work. their choice. Luckily for us most do like it smile

Sinem 5 Feb 2007, 22:46
Patrick, go on doing what you do best, you're a star!

Harry, dude, you need to chillax - do you see the model complaining? Patrick ain't putting a gun to their head to do nude shots, is he? Jee, I woder how you feel about porn if you get so irate about artistic nude... It's called artisric for a reason: it is art. You do not need to go abuse someone for creating art.
Patrick Krolis: thanks for the support Sinem!!!

latest comment
Bolle RL 5 Oct 2007, 19:58
Patrick .... breath taking picture.
I can clearly see the use of light in many of your work !!

Excellent !!!
Patrick Krolis: Hey Bolle,

thank you very much for the visit and even more for the comment and the apreciation. I am unusually late with my reply, but I really apreciate your visit wink

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