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Yet antoher experiment like the "Bathing in Light" photograph I posted last week. Very curious how this one is perceived by the viewers. Experimenting and trying to push the limits is what this is all about.
Mia from US of A 18 Jan 2007, 04:35
Well, the colours... as good as in the previous shot. But the theme? Eh... I understand this shot was taken in a pure artistic sense, but the theme for me personally, is disturbing. Bondage (or even BDSM) in reality has lead to way too many alarming and almost fatal incidents and this shot just brings to mind all those pictures of the victims. Another way of viewing the tied feet could be a possible kidnapping... which again is disturbing. So for me, this shot is nothing less than troubling, but the way you captured the "aesthetic" feature (as few might put it) is commendable. Like how the idea is experimented with and presented, but not the idea itself... if that makes sense.
Patrick Krolis: Wow, you really made a trip in your imagination and allowed all of us to come with you in your commentary. I must say that the subject of bondage nor kidnapping has been my intent in this image. As you can see the rope is not tight around the ankles of the model. That should give one to think, nor do you see marks on the models ankles as if it has been tight. Then the hue shift increased contrast etc, I just wanted to create an image that would leave one wondering and have his or her imaganation flowing. it seems like for you I succeeded in that, thank you for commenting. Hope you enjoy my photography.

alexdpx from Manila (but living at present in Doha) 18 Jan 2007, 06:10
I like it simply for the colors.
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much for commenting, i myself find the colors amazing. I just wanted to create an image that would be artistically interesting from one perspective or another smile

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E Etomi 18 Jan 2007, 10:24
Attractive colours
Patrick Krolis: thank you very much for commenting, it seems like i succeeded in creating something in the colors that seems interesting for most viewers. Now, if only I could replicate the effects...smile

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