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photoblog image Rachel

Model Credit: rachelcheeatow from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

Actually I have now notice that most of the frequent visitors/commenters on my photography like the play with shadows and light. while this is very well manageable in a studio environment, shooting outdoors in the surinamese savannah with naturla light only makes it a bit more difficult. I wonder what the reactions will be on this image...

johnnyg 15 Jan 2007, 00:36
I like this one more then yesterdays post. The natural shadows and sunlight are perfect. The detail is almost high enough to make the veiwer think you'd shot this with a Hasselblad and a P21 back. Very nice indeed.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Johnny, Thank you very much for the comment!! Glad you liked this one!! And with regards to the level of detail, isn't it incredible? I guess the highlight did well on the 5MP sensor of the Olympus E-20, since minimum sharpening was used (actually only the Shutterchance sharpening was used) in this right from the camera shot.

Josť-Angel from Spain 15 Jan 2007, 01:29
Que te puedo decir? Una modelo bonita, un entorno agradable, una composición y encuadre buenos, un equipo fotográfico de calidad, un juego de luces y sombras... un dedo que apriete el disparador... y UN RESULTADO BIEN HECHO.
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jose. Usted es un poeta.

With your poetry my images make me feel even better smile

Thank you so much!!

dotun 15 Jan 2007, 02:57
nice shot, well taken
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comments. Actually I had a long thought before I posted this picture. Only after going through my previous posts, I decided that this picture might be well received so I tried it. Looking at it myself now, i also think it is a nice and well taken photograph smile

Carl Kirstein 15 Jan 2007, 06:01
Patrick, she seems to disappear a bit amoung the shadows and branches. The large branch in the foreground seems to cut the image in two and the shadows on her body de-emphasises her form and defintion. This is definately not a usual glamour shot.

Unfortunately I don't like it that much, fortunately there are many others (it seems) that do. I think youre capable of much better than this (I have seen much better in your archive).
Patrick Krolis: smile Thanks Carl. I myself am surprised that so many people like it. but that is why I experiment. Actually looking at the photograph now, i think it is not so much the model that stands out it is more the texture details on the all prominent branch and the details of the savanna forest in the back. Actually it looks like the model is just "out of place" here smile Sometimes it is very surprising to me how people react on my photography. i am posting on Shutterchance to understand how people view my work. As I am looking for my own niche and forte. I think I am discovering that slowly. Very much thanks for your very good comment!!!

adebanji alabi 15 Jan 2007, 22:25
i wonder if Duran Duran's video "hungry like the wolf" inspired this picture.
Patrick Krolis: I think i should try and find the Duran Duran video you mention here. Wonder what the link is. Made me curious. Hope you liked the image. Thanks for commenting.

latest comment
bombel 7 Jul 2007, 03:30
hmmm, where do I know here face from ?
Awesome body btw, and great photograph !
Patrick Krolis: isn't she awesome!! hope she is around soon again to shoot some more

must fill in
for this photo I'm in a any and all comments icon ShMood©
camera Olympus E-20
exposure mode shutter priority
shutterspeed 1/160s
aperture f/2.8
sensitivity ISO80
focal length 32.0mm
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