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photoblog image Red VW 2
This is another Red VW shot, as with the previous Red VW shot, shown a few days ago, this shot was part of a shoot that was intended to produce a billboard advertisement for a shop selling bijou and streetwear. Actually, I was just a visiting photographer on the set, a friend of mine was actually shooting commercially. I just took a few pictures along on the set.
Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 14 Jan 2007, 00:37
Not one of your best images, Loghting all over the place, the open leg not sexy (it's the angle you are shooting from), but pretty model, you definitely have sexier images of her in your port, share them smile

Patrick Krolis: Definitely again not one of my trademark light/shadow images. But then again it is amazibng how differnt photogrpahers have difernt views. Thank for sharing your comment with me and other photographers. I will share more of her smile

johnnyg 14 Jan 2007, 00:57
As you know Patrick I'm a fan but this is not one of your best by any stretch of the imagination. I can not say what is wrong technically, the image just does not work for me.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Johnny, thank for sharing your comment. It is definitely not one of my trademarked images. Then again it is amazing how differnt people have differnt feelings. I do believe that one can only outgrow himself by stretching. But as you say maybe even by stretching to the max, this kind of imagery is just not what I am good at smile

Josť-Angel from Spain 14 Jan 2007, 01:28
Well, Patrick, we raised the tone of the scene, thanks to the pose of the model here. But I say to you what I commented to you in the previous one, I do not pay attention to the jewel nor to the clothes, you understand to me, truth? ;-)
Patrick Krolis: Gracias Jose. It looks like I really disppoint my "fans" with this one. Good to know that this one should not be included in my portfolio, since it is too far off from what people like in my photography.

Neil Tandy 14 Jan 2007, 12:19
Hiya Patrick. I have to go with Suby and Johnny on this one, especially with regard to the lighting. Having said that, I am sure that it was very difficult for you, not being the designated photographer here and trying to get shots out of everybody's way, so I can sympathise/empathise. Many kind regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: It is definitely not easy to shoot on someone else his shoot. :d Did you ever get the feel you were merely a picture pick pocket. grin

Neil Tandy 14 Jan 2007, 12:26
If you don't mind me saying so, this is one very horny looking lady Patrick! I could not say this in public, as there are enough issues going around at the moment, about some photographers getting pornographic. To be honest, I am surprised that this photo has not so far attracted those kind of comments. I love your photography, being the red blooded male that I am and would love to see a lot more outside of S.C. Many regards, Neil.

pedropareja 14 Jan 2007, 23:29
Jewels, what jewels? ;-) I do not believe that much people are going don't mention it to realize more than the incredibly provocative and sexy pose of the model. It enchants the photo to me.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comment. Glad you also like the picture!!!

latest comment
Carl Kirstein 15 Jan 2007, 12:25
Patrick, your photos have a large variation in its style of photographing models, perhaps due to experimentation? You have work in your archive that is jaw dropping good and the occasional one that just "doesn't seem to work". I cannot say that I like this photo, to me this photo has bad highlights and posture. This photo doesn't seem to work for me

such is the nature of experimentation i suppose. I'll be checking you site regularly, you have a great eye and technique. cheers
Patrick Krolis: YEs Carl, You are right, I am experimenting a lot. Not only to sharply define my own photographic style and develop my "eye" and technique, but also because I belive that there are 2 kinds of photogrpaher, those tat shoot anything everything anywhere etc, and those that have a distinctive style. While i thought that the formaer was where I wanted to be when I started out with photography years ago, I now definitely want to be part of the latter group. I am welcoming the comments since this is a excellent way of obtaining the opinion of fellow photographers in a way otherwise unthinkable. Thanks for Shutterchance, isn't it a beautiful medium? Thank you for regularly commenting in such a strong and constructive way!!!

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