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photoblog image Bathing in Light
johnnyg 12 Jan 2007, 00:35
WOW, Patrick sorry but wow. love the colurs.
Patrick Krolis: Yes, I loved them too, but it might be one of the most controversial aspects of this photograph. I am now checking the comments I received on this image...

Josť-Angel from Spain 12 Jan 2007, 01:02
Patrick, is a peculiar investment of colors here. Negative/positive?
Patrick Krolis: Well actually while my intention was to do something with colors here, I started playing with saturation and heus in Photoshop and this was the end result. Actually I arrived at the result even before retouching the original image. Should have retouched the strectch marks and the mole.

Neil Tandy from South Africa 12 Jan 2007, 01:22
Hi Patrick. The deep shadows on this are causing havoc on my laptop monitor, but I do like the treatment you have given this. I also think that you needed to clone out the stretch marks on the model's hip and maybe the mole beneath that. Otherwise, super work buddy. Kindest regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: I do agree on the required retouching. Will be posting retouched work in the near future, maybe even without the hue shift. Very curious how people would react to that.

Abi 12 Jan 2007, 03:05
nice shot and very interesting choice of colours
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comment Abi. It seems like the colors are what cause most comments here. Some people love it others hate it. If my intention was to create controversial work, I think the color treatment sure did create some stir.

Sorcha from Alba Nuadh 12 Jan 2007, 11:55
she looks plastic. i think it makes her look hideous. nice try for the effects, but i think her expression, and the purple to her skin is off.

Patrick Krolis: Thanks for the comment Sorcha, as I mentioned to Neil in an earlier comment, I'll do some retouching on the original and then try a repost without the hue shift. Interesting that the colors are what cause most comments here. Interestingly you mention something about her expression. would you like to elaborate on that?

Ogonna 12 Jan 2007, 12:57
Sorry but I don't really like the colour on her. I makes her look like a comic character.
Nevertheless, still a nice pic
Patrick Krolis: Hey Thank you very much for the comment. I emntioned in a few comments before, the colors really seem to cause most discussion here. I will repost a version withouth the hue shift and am looking forward to your comments on that one.
PS. which comic character would she most resemble smile

genevieve 12 Jan 2007, 16:17
very erotic, but i dont care for the treatment.
Patrick Krolis: Thanks for the comment Genevieve. I already commited to several other commenters on this photograph that I will post an retouched (removing the mole and the strechmarks) but not hue shifted version of this image soon.

Dammie 23 Jan 2007, 14:39
Oh i love this...very interesting/artistic.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you for commenting again!!

latest comment
Peter 21 Sep 2007, 04:14
Ouh Alien!
Patrick Krolis: it gives a strange but relaxing feeling I think smile maybe there a re aliens out there after all, and maybe they sit by our bed at night smile

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