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photoblog image Red VW
Josť-Angel from Spain 10 Jan 2007, 00:34
Bonito cuerpo de mujer.

Josť-Angel from Spain 10 Jan 2007, 00:37
Muy bonito cuerpo de mujer, pero dime una cosa, que estaríamos intentando vender en esta fotografía? El cinturón?, El top? Quizas el short? o simplemente es una atractiva perspectiva del cuerpo de la joven? ;-)
Patrick Krolis: Actually this shot was made during a shoot which should produce advertisement imagery for a bijou and clothing store. So you are right, the focus is on the clothing and the bijou, the beautiful model and lighting and the old volkswagen are more like the decor on this picture. The whole purpose is to sell clothing and bijou.

Neil Tandy 10 Jan 2007, 06:00
Hi Patrick. Your Country gets more appealing every day!! This is a very nice photo again, but seems to lack some impact, I have a feeling that the shadows may be a bit deep.Still veryood work though. Many kind regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: Hey Neil, I hate to admit, the model was Russian this time, she spend only 3 months in Suriname. The picture is definite not my typical shot. I was just present when a friend of mine was shooting commercialy for an ad campaign for a bijou/clothing store. So I tried to have that in mind as I joined him shooting.

Carl Kirstein 10 Jan 2007, 06:45
I agree with Neil about the photo lacking something... I think the problem is perhaps that the focus point is not clearly defined. The eye wanders all over the picture looking for a place to settle. (maybe that was your intention?)
Patrick Krolis: Hey Chris, as I mentioned to Neil the picture is definitely not my typical photograph. As a friend of mine had a commercial job to do I just found it interesting to shoot a bit in a differnt setting. Since the intention was adwork for a bijou/clothing client I thought I'd try to focus on that aspect.

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Roxana Groeneveld 4 Oct 2008, 03:46
All I can say is I'm JEALOUS of that body

and photo wise I really like the composition and the layering (foreground, midground, background) that have different patterns, textures
Patrick Krolis: when I look to this I must say that I also do like some of my earlier work

must fill in
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