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sk 8 Jan 2007, 06:30
this is one of favorite shots from U, well done
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much. I myself like the picture too. I am not totally sure about the final version of the image, but I love the light/shadow at play.

Mal 8 Jan 2007, 16:25
This is beautiful! You have absolutely mastered the light in this image. Fantastic photograph. Mal
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Mal, I do apreciat4e the comment. And going through your archive, i recognize that i still have a lot to learn in mastering the light as you have so many really outstanding images in your archives. Thanks again, pls keep commenting on my photography.

Sorcha from Alba Nuadh 8 Jan 2007, 20:07
well, i am very impressed with this. am touchy around female bodies and photos -- but you have some ART in this. Very VERY well done. I can feel that leather through the perfect lighting. She should be proud of this one too. Souful. ~S.
Patrick Krolis: Sorcha, I am very very much honored by your comment. I am aware that bodies, especially female bodies, can stir quite a discussion whether it is Art or just plain bad taste (porn). From the photographs in your archive, I know that coming from you this is a very very special compliment. Thank you very much.

Frederick Daria 9 Jan 2007, 01:28
impressive lighting and excellent concept. love it a lot
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Frederick. I just visited your archives and you have some pretty nice work there yourself. Hope you start blogging soon again.

Jos-Angel from Spain 9 Jan 2007, 01:42
Precisa luz. Sujerente sombra. Como siempre interesante. P.D.: Me sobran esos tres dedos que se ven a la izquierda. (Perdona que haga que te esfuerces con tu español !!)
Patrick Krolis: Aha, realmente estas testando mi español :d Now it is either lack of coffee or lack of spanish knowledge, but I am going to answer this one in english. I myself was wondering what to do with the three fingers coming out of the shadow at the left. I decided to leave them exactly where they are for now, but I am curious what others think...

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Dammie 23 Jan 2007, 14:41
I'm loving ur use of lighting here!!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much isn't light something fantastic? I must admit that I am not always this good with it. Glad you loved it!!

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