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photoblog image Relax
fer 22 Dec 2006, 00:33
Patrick Krolis: Compliments accepted.
Enjoy the photography.

johnnyg from Great Britain (UK) 22 Dec 2006, 00:41
Love the tone here Patrick.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much. Actually this picture was one of my fist succesfull nudes/sepias. At the time I was learning to do both things, shooting nudes and digitally remastering them.

Today, I would not have cut her hands off, and would have asked her to take off the jewelry, etc etc. Would have used flash instead of halogen lamps, and my toning would be different.

Since my learning curve did not go very well documented, I can't remember exactly how I got here. Not the pose, not the lightning setup. Actually I used ACDSee 7 at the time, Recently I tried to rework the same original with Photshop CS2 to exactly the same feel and I just can't get it perfect.

Then when I realised I wanted to shoot the model again, she had left for Barbados not to return anytime soon. Different models have tried to step in her footsteps with no avail.

Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 22 Dec 2006, 01:57
Cool capture, Liking the pose
Patrick Krolis: Thanks Suby. It is incredible. I love the pose too, then I tried to repeat the succes with another model and another model and yet another model, and I can't seem to ge it back

adebanji alabi 22 Dec 2006, 04:04
Relax? are you kidding me???
Ever seen the exorcist? if you have,remember when Regan was elevated off her bed and the priests were saying "The power of christ compels you !"?
This reminds me of that scene,though Regan wasnt naked from the chest down.
To be more candid, i love this picture!
Patrick Krolis: :d Thank you very much Adebanji!!! I love The Exorcist too. Lovely compliment.

Silviu Lipovan Oanca 22 Dec 2006, 07:05
very nice picture. love the pose and the white sheet, the watch and jewelry. the only problem I have is the shadow of her left breast over her chest.
other than that, great picture and good tones.
Patrick Krolis: Actually this is what I mean by the lights that I would do differntly today, I tried without succes to repeat this light effect (3 50W halogen lamps at the right of the model) with my flash and umbrella to eliminate the shadow, but as I already mentioned, either the models were not as good, or I just couldn't get it going

chunter from Salisbury, Wiltshire. UK 22 Dec 2006, 08:07
Very nicely worked, Patrick. I was surprised to read this was one of your first successful nudes. If so, it's even more surprisingly good.

The pose is different, so that's a plus. The drape across her thighs is a really nice touch compositionally and adds good contrast. The whole thing is pretty well balanced.

The jewellery doesen't bother me much, neither do the legs disappearing out of shot; in fact I think they should.

It's only the hands being chopped off that bothers me, but you've already mentioned that yourself.

Overall, a very appealing shot.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for the comment.What a pity for the hands, yes. I agree with that. Also about the legs I agree with you, this way it gives a certain feeling to the shot, something intimite I feel.

Omozele Okosun 22 Dec 2006, 13:16
This is perfect. I love everything. I am glad the jewelry did'nt come of, that made the pose more modern. Cut her arms off ; "hell no", I think that is the essence of the shot.. her long stretched arms give this more life and length and power.I am going off a tangent again..

I love this one sepaia and all...
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much for your comment. It is just that I think her fingers would have added something to the picture

Neil Tandy from South Africa 22 Dec 2006, 14:35
Hi ther Patrick. This is indeed a very good shot. The missing hands do not worry me in the slightest, but the mass of white from the sheet, bottom right does detract somewhat from the model, the eyes are too easily led to it. Not a massive problem though. Pity you can't get the model back, but hey, I think I would also rather be lazing on a beach in Bridgetown!! Many kind regards, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: hey hey Neil, thanks for the comment. As this was my first succesful nude, I actually liked the white sheet at the time, since it was actually a little bit distracting. To me it added more to the picture than just "nudeness".

Talking about white, those Barbadian beaches in bridgetown have such wonderful white sand. Maybe I should go there and shoot her again...

WalePhotos 22 Dec 2006, 16:03
the pose is very nice. it's difficult to shoot nude (i think), but you captured this very well, and more importantly, artistictly.
Patrick Krolis: Yes you are right, it is certainly a challenge to shoot nudes. Especially your first. Later on you find out that it is just photography, you are looking for lights, composition and some originality. Nowadays it comes mor natural.

Kimberley Hilversum 22 Dec 2006, 18:15
Hey sweetie,
great new photo's (as usual!). you know that I'm your number 1 fan!!!
Hugs and kisses,
Patrick Krolis: Hey Kimmy, it so cool to have a #1 fan!!! Especially when it is you. We should do a shoot and post the pictures here. I love this Shutterchance blog.

Josť-Angel from Spain 23 Dec 2006, 20:45
The light and the shade make emphasize to the beautiful model. Very pretty to see
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Jose-Angel. I am still very much surprised to see the positive reactions on this very first nude I did. I should try and keep more of this in my photographic style apparently.

Layeni 23 Apr 2007, 22:39
Patrick Krolis: no, not until now, but google gave me about 43,000 pages to get to know him, his images are FANTASTIQUE!!!!! WOW

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