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photoblog image Wet Man
This male nude was inspired by work from Struan named Photo, which he shot for a Karl Lagerfeld Cologne named Photo (cologne for men...), while I like my own picture, Struan's is very very very far ahead of my interpretation.
Sinem from Milton Keynes, UK 17 Dec 2006, 00:21
Guess which blog is going to top the viewing chart before the end of today?!
Nice work!
Patrick Krolis: a pity the ladies did not turn up :d
thanks for the compliment

Jide Alakija from Great Britain (UK) 17 Dec 2006, 04:11
LOL...@Sinem's comment. If that's the case then we have loads of ladies on the site then. Good free stats for us. Nice work buddy.
Patrick Krolis: :d sorry guys apparently not enough ladies on the site :d
thanks for the compliment.

Abi from Great Britain (UK) 17 Dec 2006, 13:06
he looks like D'Angelo
Patrick Krolis: He'll like that. I'll pass the comment to him. but I do not htink he looks a lot like him.

فاطمة 17 Dec 2006, 13:47

NjiBus r u haaaaaaaaaapppy?....
Patrick Krolis: :d:d

incubus 18 Dec 2006, 12:23
danm rite im happy!! this is wot wer talkin about!
Patrick Krolis: So you are indeed happy. Now that makes me happy too...
From now on I expect you understand my photography objectives too, enjoy my postings

E Etomi from Nigeria 19 Dec 2006, 10:36
Oh my :O
Patrick Krolis: :d:d Thanks for the compliment. I am not sure if it is for me or for the model wink

LB 19 Dec 2006, 11:11
Can I get his number please?
I have something important to tell him - VERY IMPORTANT ;-)
Patrick Krolis: :d
of course you can

Mari 19 Dec 2006, 14:34
WOW :0
Lovely shot!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you.

I saw on your blog that you enjoyed the same places in Miami as I did. Mango's wink

36 20 Dec 2006, 09:01
can i please have him!!!!
Patrick Krolis: But of course you can have him, let's say we trade, some investmet secret or the 36 inches? smile All jokes aside, thanks for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed my photography. Would you like a big canvas print of him?

Noni 20 Dec 2006, 12:22
Patrick Krolis: yes take care not to get burned!!! Thank you for your compliment, I should do more male models, if all the comments i got were like this, I will certainly pursue that goal!!!

Dis GuY 21 Dec 2006, 05:12
very good shot excellent
i guess i have some work to do hehe
Patrick Krolis: thanks for your comment.

With regard to the work you have to do...Go for it!!!

Calabar Gal 21 Dec 2006, 18:56
Yeah!!!! OMG!!! He's Hot!!! Well defined photography!!! (Shaking my head also thinking how I can get his number?!?!?) LOL!!!
Patrick Krolis: No No No No No, you can't get his number!! What if he is like Prince Segun?? Or doesn't carry his cellphone with him wink I read your blog, enjoyed your writing about Prince. Even I will say "what a creep!!"

But now in all seriousness, Thanks for enjoying my photogrpahy and for commenting on it.

Ms Soontobemum 28 Dec 2006, 01:45
Oh My Oh My!

Everything is perfect apart from the towel, someho doesn't seem to blend with the image.

You are mos def gifted and talented, if i must say!
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much Ms Soontobemum!!! As for the towel, at the time I made this photograph, I went reviewing the shoot with 2 fellow photogrpahers, one of them was also very critical on the towel. However, for me the towel, while a bit "strange" is a natural fit with the image. Thank you so much for your comments and your compliments. You are very kind.

Jose 17 Jan 2007, 20:06
Great shot. Great model. The towel is fine - pity you have to have one. Any more male nudes in the pipeline?
Patrick Krolis: towels you mean? :d
I have a few moer male nudes posted, but I know that this Wet Man is probably my best so far. I hope I have the fortune and the foresight to produce more like this in the near future. Thanks for dropping by and glad you like my work.

latest comment
Layeni 23 Apr 2007, 22:36
I am going thru your blog give u scores out of 10 for effort,Composition,Idea & Lighting... so for this one... 9/10
Patrick Krolis: this is the shot that brings most woman to this blog, I think I touched a string with this image smile thanks for the score!!!

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