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photoblog image Queen of the Coropina
Suby from Milton Keynes, UK 15 Dec 2006, 00:08
Queen of the Jungle smile

Patrick Krolis: You got the spirit. Actually the Coropina is a savanna region between the capital of Suriname and the international airport. It is also the name of a creek running trough it. The water is in the creek is as black as cola.

Jide Alakija from Great Britain (UK) 15 Dec 2006, 00:42
Superb lighting. Nice work.
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very much. The light actually comes from my back. The sun is about to set, but the light has not yet turned orange. It was the perfect moment.

incubus 15 Dec 2006, 12:25
hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHH!!! Haven looked thru ur archive i have to say, dnt u think these pics are somewhat derogatory to women? y would u not put up naked men on ur blog!! I AM SOOOOOOOO ANGRY!!!
Patrick Krolis: Dear Incubus, it is a pity you did not leave any contact information. Still I will answer your question. I do not think these pictures are in any way derogatory to women. I actually think of them more as a ode to the beauty of women. But then again you are free to have your own opinion.

Also I am glad to tell you that in my picture queu, there is a picture of a half naked man coming up. It will be available on this blog on December the 17th. So please come back then and enjoy my work.

PS. I would appreciate if you would leave contact information with your next comment. I like to have an open dialogue about my work, if that is not possible I will be forced to delete or dismiss your comments in the future.

Sola from Great Britain (UK) 15 Dec 2006, 15:49
Dude, this is brilliant, the framing, the balance and oh yes the lights. Magnificent, well done
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very very much

Neil Tandy from South Africa 15 Dec 2006, 17:49
Hiya Patrick. Please shut Incubus up and post a picture of a "half naked" male!!!
From a "purely photographic" point of view, this is an excellent picture, could easily be an underwear advert.
Very well photographed my friend, keep it going. Many kind regards and support, Neil.
Patrick Krolis: hi Neil. Thanks for the moral support smile If you went to my Zoom.nl gallery you know that a half nude male is coming up. But most of all thanks for the kind words on this picture.

johan coppens 15 Dec 2006, 18:07
a real queen !!!!
Patrick Krolis: Dank je wel!!! smile

PS. Since you are from Brussels I do assume you understand Dutch, pls corerct me if I am wrong.

johan coppens 15 Dec 2006, 21:43
natuurlijk praat en versta ik nederlands smile

deji77 from Great Britain (UK) 16 Dec 2006, 00:48
Hehehehe...looks more like a voyeuristic shot to me.
Patrick Krolis: exactly, that was exaclty the point. ultra low shooting point.

latest comment
Layeni 23 Apr 2007, 22:36
f*&^$#n A 100/10
Patrick Krolis: this I would easily consider my second best shot ever smile I do understand the scoring, but the language in front of the numbers seems out of this earth smile

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