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photoblog image Atelier Dore 1

Model Credit: gloriadubois from www.bodynsoulmodels.com

Shot during the Atelier Dore fashion show in December 2005, in Hotel Torarica, Paramaribo, Suriname

Leviatan 12 Dec 2006, 15:56
A great shot and perfect lighting. Nice tones. Congratulations !
Patrick Krolis: Thank you very very much. Actually this was my first picture on Shutterchance and you were my first commenter. Again a very special thanks.

PS. I have seen your work, WOW, you are very good!!!

tetsu 13 Dec 2006, 14:14
Cool shot! I like this lighting. smile
Patrick Krolis: Thank You

BeakerSt from Shutterchance 13 Dec 2006, 22:30
To me this is probably better executed that the shot of the 13th. The focal point is more dramatic and the crop is more sympathetic and complimentary.
Patrick Krolis: I love this shot too. That is why I posted it as my first post on Shutterchance. Thank you for the comment!!

Layeni 23 Apr 2007, 22:30
I am going thru your blog give u scores out of 10 for effort,Composition,Idea & Lighting... so for this one... 11/10
Patrick Krolis: Hey Man, that is a great start for scoring out of 10 wink thank you so much for the compliment!!!!

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